why are my orders (automatically) being cancelled?

Since August 2018 has introduced a change where they automatically cancel orders not being marked ' shipped' for more than 3 days after the set delivery date. Therefore it is very important that the order in question is processed and 'shipped' in ChannelEngine before this deadline is passed. Otherwise, the customers of these orders will receive both the product(s) they ordered and their money back, which is, of course, a very unwanted situation for the seller.

You can always see if an order in ChannelEngine has a successfully exported shipment by checking the 'Status' and 'Channel status'. If the latter has the label " Exported at", the shipment has been successfully sent to and these unwanted cancellations should not occur. However, if the "Exported at" is more than 3 days after the original delivery date, the order will have been cancelled / removed from the backend so it will not have any effect.

You can find more information regarding this policy change on's website: