Why are my pricerules not (all) being applied?

When adding price rules to ChannelEngine, you have 2 options:

  • Price rules on a Channel
  • Price rules on a Listing (product selection filter)

While it is possible to create both types of rules on 1 channel, they (currently) can't be used together. In that case "listing" price rules will be applied and "channel" price rules will be ignored. In the example as shown in the above image, this will mean only the 3% discount will be applied on all products in the 'Aanbod bol.com' listing and 20% discount on all products in 'Special sale!'. However, if the same product is also listed in a listing without a price rule - in that case the channel rule will be applied. See the explanation for this below.

Do you have multiple listings?

Please make sure the product(s) you want the price rule to be applied is only active in the specific listing / product selection filter! If an item is active in more than one listing, we will always submit the highest calculated price to the marketplace / channel. This means that if a product is in 3 listings (like for example a listing without price rules, the above mentioned 'Aanbod bol.com' and the above mentioned 'Special sale!') the highest calculated price will be calculated.

Base price = € 20
Listing without price rules = € 20 + € 5 (from the applied channel price rule) = € 25
Listing 'Aanbod bol.com' = € 20 - (3% of € 20) = € 19,40
Listing 'Special sale!' = € 20 - (20% of € 20) = € 16

Of these 3 calculations the first results in the highest price (€ 25), so this will be the exported price. Therefore it is very important that in case of discount prices created via price rules, you make sure these products are only active in 1 listing with a price rule.

Do you have price overrides set?

Another common cause of price rules not being applied, is because the prices have been 'hard' overwritten. You can overwrite the exported price in the 'Listed Products' overview in ChannelEngine.

Listed Products:

Navigate to the 'Listed Products' tab of the channel interface. Select 'Show price override settings' in the top right corner and select the 'List for price' checkbox. Any price filled in there, will now be the fixed price that's exported to a marketplace. This price will not be subject to any price rules, repricing, shipping costs, etc. and is the exact price that a channel will use.

Offer mappings:
While you can't overwrite the exported price in the offer mappings, you can overwrite the input which might cause unexpected prices if overlooked.

Navigate to the 'Mappings' section of the channel interface. Select the tab 'Offer mappings'. There's a column labeled 'Price before price rules'. If you click in it you can change the price. Press enter to save it. There is one big difference in regard to the overwrite used in Listed Products: the first will always be the output price for a channel, the second will overwrite the input price, but price rules will still be applied if applicable.