Magento 2: common integration issues

While Magento 2 is an upgrade in many regards in comparison with Magento 1 and offers its own API to exchange data, there are some common issues you might run into when trying to connect our extension with Magento 2. Please note: with the exception of adding 2 extra API-endpoints and an extra database-table, our extension does nothing more than use the default Magento 2 API. Issues related to installing or connecting the extension to ChannelEngine are almost always related to your server (setup) and ChannelEngine can only offer a little support as we are not your webserver administrator or developer.

  • Issue when installing the extension

    For shops in production mode (which would be the default mode if your webshop is currently allowing sales), the issue can occur that some files are not up-to-date when installing our extension. If this is the case a notification will be shown. This issue can usually be resolved by running the command  "bin/magento setup:di:compile" though a command prompt. More information can be found here:

    Shops running in development mode will not have this issue, as all caches and temporary files will be disabled. 
  • Issue(s) when trying to activate the extension when using Byte

    If Byte (Hypernode) is your host, please make sure the Magento API endpoints are enabled. By default these will be disabled, preventing us from using Magento's API and exchanging the necessary authentication tokens. Please check for more information.
  • Issue(s) when trying to activate the extension

    Please make sure that if you use a firewall or IP whitelist (see for ChannelEngine's IP addresses) that you allow access to our IP's. Otherwise, when trying to exchange the necessary authentication tokens, we will receive 401's / 403's errors instead of the correct tokens.
  • Issue(s) when trying to activate the extension when using an Apache + PHP-FPM configured server (authentication header is stripped)

    There are occurrences known where during the exchange of the authentication tokens, this fails due to Apache stripping the required authorization header. This is a known issue which Magento will most likely patch in the future in an update, but a workaround can be found here:

    This issue can also occur on other types of servers like nginx, if HTTP basic authentication support is not set up.
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