Wish marketplace

Quick Info:

Active in: Worldwide (list of countries)
Visitors per month: > 100 million
Commission: Percentage (~15% on the total sale, incl. shipping costs)
Payment: Twice a month
Product categories: Almost everything (excluded products)
Input language (title + description): English
Input currency USD
Content uploading: Yes

ChannelEngine Wish Marketplace Information

Request your Wish merchant account

Create a merchant account on Wish here. Wish is an open marketplace and getting an account is usually not an issue. Wish offers products in a wide range of categories. However, there are some types of products excluded from sale on Wish:

  • Counterfeit products
  • Items whose copyright you do not own or hold (copyrighted to someone else)
  • Services: Any service that does not yield a new, tangible, physical item
  • Virtual goods and digital goods: items that are not tangible or must be delivered electronically
  • Gift cards, physical or digital
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco and other smokeable products including electronic cigarettes
  • Lighters  
  • Dangerous chemicals
  • Piercing gun and tattoo gun
  • Bike and motorcycle helmet
  • Drugs, medical drug claims about an item, drug paraphernalia
  • Live animals, illegal animal products
  • Plant seeds
  • Human remains or body parts (excluding hair and teeth)
  • Pornography or adult/sexually explicit/obscene material 
  • Firearms and/or weapons
  • Child car seats, child harness, and recalled toys.
  • Nudity
  • Hate crime and items or listings that promote, support or glorify hatred toward or otherwise demean people based upon: race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation; including items or content that promote organizations with such views.

Once you have an account: set up Wish in ChannelEngine:

  • Add Wish-plugin (Add Channel > select Wish > Save)
  • Once saved, go to the Wish channel page and select the ‘Channel Settings’ tab. Press the ‘Authorize’ button. This will show a popup window from Wish. You may have to log in to your Wish merchant account if you haven’t already. Then confirm and you’ll return to ChannelEngine (an ‘authorized’ check mark should be visible now next to ‘Authorize’).

  • Now create a listing with the products you want to export to Wish. More information on how to create a product listing can be found here.

Please note! For products with size variants such as clothing or shoes, it is required to include the ‘parent’ product in your listing. This differs from marketplaces where only “offers” are used, but without the parent product, the individual items per size can’t be grouped and listed on Wish.

  • Create a currency price rule to convert your euro prices to US dollars, because Wish expects US dollars as input. Prices on the Wish website are in the user’s local currency though. Please note that this double conversion can cause a minor difference between the price you use in ChannelEngine and the price that is actually displayed on Wish.

    • In the Channel Settings, set the country codes (e.g. NL for the Netherlands, DE for Germany) of the countries for which you want to use Wish Express (if any). Separate these codes with commas (e.g.: NL, DE, FR). These settings will then be exported to Wish for all your products, but please note this can take quite a while. You can find a list of possible countries here.

Configure your Wish merchant account:

  • In Account > Settings > Email Preferences you can set your email preferences. Be sure to check all options that are not handled through ChannelEngine, such as support tickets, infringement notifications, etc. to make sure you get all the needed information.

  • Upload your logo in Account Settings > Display Settings, this will be displayed in your shop on Wish.
  • Check whether your carrier provider is known by Wish here. Please note that ‘The Netherlands’ is not listed separately, but most commonly used carriers such as PostNL, DHL, DPD, GLS, etc are all listed. You can also check with which providers you can ship to which countries and which have special instructions. For example, shipping to Germany with PostNL requires a specific tracking ID format.   
  • You can set up to which countries you want to ship and at what prices in Account > Shipping Settings. Note: Wish also takes its fee of the shipping costs (see the header “Wish fees” for more information on this).

  • Set up your payment settings in Account Payment Settings. As a European company, you probably want to select PayPal (it says ‘PayPal China’, but works fine globally). If you prefer not to use PayPal, you can choose Bill.com or Payoneer.
  • Request to enable your account for Wish Express if you want to use this in Account > Wish Express. Wish Express is a feature for fast shipment. You can use this on products you can deliver within 5 working days to most selected countries. Wish Express products will get extra exposure on the website so when fast shipping is possible, you might want to consider this. Review the Wish Express Terms of Service to get more information. Please note! If you want to use Wish Express, you have to accept the terms of service otherwise we will not be able to put products on “available” for Wish Express.
  • Follow the additional steps the dashboard shows to finish opening your store on Wish.
  • Review Wish’s Merchant Policy

Wish fees

  • You can find the fee Wish charges under Account > Settings > General Information: ‘Rev. Share’ (revenue share).

  • Wish calculates the fee (usually 15%) over the total of the order. For example 15% of the product price x quantity + 15% of the shipping costs. You can find more information here.
  • The payment payout provider you have selected may also calculate a small fee. See Accounts > Payment Settings for an overview for each provider.

Product notes

  • EANs for your products are not required, Wish uses your SKU as (unique) reference.
  • New products may not be shown immediately on Wish, since wish reviews all new products.
  • Content, such as titles and descriptions, should be supplied in English.
  • Wish supports the extra images for the parent product. For the variant product, the main image can be different, but not the extra images.
  • Tags: you can map the tags. Up to 10 tags per product are supported by Wish.
  • Wish works differently compared to most traditional marketplaces. It uses algorithms to decide what products are displayed and what would lead to the highest percentage of sales. If for example a product is listed for $6 and shipping is $4, the total price would be $10. Wish ‘knows’ which customers want to pay shipping costs and/or how much, based on the previous behaviour. In that case, a product could be listed for $10 with $0 shipping costs. Other buyers would like a lower price and higher shipping cost, etc. In the end, the total price would still be $10. However, if you specifically search for your product you might get a weird price other than $10 total. This is because the algorithm is confused, but this scenario does not occur for regular buyers.
  • In the case of promotions/discounts by Wish, the current price can’t be altered, but the costs of the promotion are paid from Wish’ own commission and therefore have no impact on your revenue.

Order notes

  • Wish orders will only have one order line (i.e. for one product). If 4 different products are ordered, 4 separate orders will be created.
  • Orders not fulfilled within 5 days are refunded.
  • Products that were included in refunded orders, will automatically be disabled.

Applicable tasks in ChannelEngine

  • Export Product Data: the product data of your new or updated products is exported.
  • Export Product Offers: export price and stock to Wish.
  • Import Product Offers: import status and price and stock of the products from the Wish platform.
  • Import Orders: import new open orders and cancellations.
  • Export Shipments: export your shipments/cancellations.
  • Export Returns: export your accepted returns: these will create a full refund of the original order.

Still left with questions? Please check the FAQ Wish provides, you are most likely to find your answers here.