Blokker marketplace

Request and configure account

To start selling on Blokker, you first have to request an account via Nextail Connect. Nextail is the underlying platform for external sellers on Blokker and is based on the ‘Mirakl’-framework (which is also used by Coolshop, Wupti, VidaXL, ePRICE etc).

Nextail is a closed marketplace and will only accept selected sellers. More information on the requirements can be found on their website.

Please note that Nextail only allows products from the following categories on their platform:

  • Small & large home appliances
  • Bags, travel bags & travel necessities
  • Bathing & sleeping
  • Animal supplies
  • Domestic & cleaning accessories
  • Personal hygiene
  • Video, sound & photographic devices
  • Living & leisure
  • Toys
  • Cooking & dining
  • Coffee, tea & espresso
  • Fitness products
  • Barbecues & barbecue accessories

It is not allowed to sell products in the following categories:

  • Food
  • Clothing & shoes
  • Cosmetics
  • Erotic products
  • Computers, laptops & mobile phones

If you think your products are a good addition to the current offers on Blokker, you can apply for an account via Nextail.

After filling in this form, an account manager from Nextail will contact you and, after approval, give you an account. Once you use the credentials of this account to log in (here), you can retrieve the ShopID and API key which ChannelEngine requires in order to set up a connection.

You can find your shopID by navigating to ‘My Account‘ > ‘Settings‘.

The API key can be found by selecting your account name in the top right corner and selecting ‘API key’ in the left side menu.

Now add these settings in ChannelEngine (via the “Channel Settings” tab) to make an API connection with Nextail possible. If you haven’t done so already, you have to create a ‘listing’ of products to be listed on Blokker.

Adding products (offers)

To actually place products on Blokker you have to create a filter via the tab “Listings” in the Channel Details. Press “+ Add” and add rules to include or exclude products. Detailed information on how to set up a listing can be found on our website.

When adding this channel, tasks to export the products from your listing(s) to Blokker are automatically created. This is done by exporting a product ‘offer’ on a frequent basis.

An offer for Mirakl environments such as Nextail only consists of a number of mandatory attributes such as SKU, EAN, price, stock and delivery time. With this information, we’ll attempt to connect to existing content.

Within Nextail you can see how many of the products in the ‘offer’ file are known and will be put online, and how many contain “errors”. This usually means these products are unknown on the marketplace.

To check this, go to ‘My Inventory’ > ‘Import from file’ > ‘Track Offer imports’ (menu on the left side).

From the export in our example above, 58 products have been submitted by ChannelEngine, of which 51 were already known (and nothing has changed regarding price, stock, etc). The other 7 products give an error, which specifics can be seen by downloading a report via the option right of the i.

This table shows that the products are indeed unknown and have to be added via a ‘Product Import’ in the backend of Nextail.

Adding products (content)

To list unknown products on Blokker, you have to add the content yourself. This means you have to provide Blokker with as much information as possible to make sure the product information is complete. 

There are two ways to upload missing content to Blokker:

If a product is not known, you can add it via ‘My Inventory’ > ‘Import From File’.

On the right side, you can download a template by using the ‘Download a file template’ option.

Now choose a category for your products from the known ‘categories’ at Nextail to download a template for that specific product group. Please note that Excel for example, will not always interpret the separator of this template correctly. If so, open a blank document and import the content via ‘Data’ > ‘From Text’ so you can select ‘semicolon’ as a delimiter.

When the template is set up correctly you can add your products.

2 Tips:

  • Create a ‘custom channel’ in ChannelEngine with the same product filter you use for the Blokker listing. An option for downloading a CSV will be available which allows you to copy the content from columns to the template. If you have a lot of products you want to add, you could use the ‘VLOOKUP’ option Excel offers, but this is for advanced users.
  • Make sure the column containing the EAN is not set on ‘number’ or the scientific notation will be used. Your EAN will then be uploaded as something such as “888+E11” which will cause problems. You can set the format of the column/cells to ‘Custom > 0’ to prevent or remedy this.

After you filled in the template to your satisfaction, it’s time to upload the template to Nextail. This is done via ‘My Inventory’ > ‘Import From File’.

Select the filled in CSV file, choose ‘Products’ and press “Import” to start the upload of the template file.

Via ‘My Inventory’ > ‘Products Import Status’ you can check the status of the current product upload.

It’s possible not all products are processed correctly right away. This will be listed as ‘Lines with errors’ in the product status overview. This usually means that the ‘brand’ is unknown or categories were not mapped correctly to a category that Nextail uses. All Mirakl environments will usually have very deep/detailed categories, such as ‘Ladies > Coats > Winter coats > Parka’s’ (if clothing is allowed).

You can change or configure this via the “Configuration Wizard”, which can be found as an option listed above downloading the template (‘My Inventory’ > ‘Import From File’).

Select your template file and ‘map’ the attributes to the correct options in Nextail Connect. When everything is configured correctly the products should be added to your offers on Nextail and will be shown on Blokker.