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Active on: The Netherlands + Belgium
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Input language: Dutch
Input currency: EUR
Content creation: Yes

ChannelEngine Beslist marketplace info

How to get an account

Before you can use Beslist as a channel, you will need to sign up for an account at Beslist. You can do this by contacting Beslist via phone on 026 - 319 04 10 or by sending an email to For more information on what requirements your shop has to comply to, see on Beslist's website.

After getting an account, Beslist will first need to check a 'product feed' that has to be generated before you can start selling products. This feed location can be found in ChannelEngine once the channel has been created and a product selection has been set up. Only after their approval you will receive the necessary API and XML Order keys for using their shopping cart.

Channel features

Supported Not supported
Product offers Cancellations
Product content Shipments
Orders Returns
From - For prices
Product variations (sizes / color)
Please note: Beslist only offers automated product listing and orders via their shopping cart / API. There is no way and need to send actual shipments to Beslist. Furthermore, Beslist does not offer automated cancellations and returns.

Setting up Beslist

Setting up every channel in ChannelEngine follows the same steps / flow:

  • Adding the channel
  • Filling in the required settings on the 'Setup' tab
  • Creating a product selection
    Warning: This step is necessary in order to have a product feed being generated for Beslist.
  • Categorising the selected products
  • Setting up the mapping (content / offer)
  • Configuring the pricing (optional: currency conversion)
  • Activating the channel (this enables all tasks like exporting product information and importing orders)
  • The 'Listed Product' overview (here you can see the status of a product, what we exported and the response from the channel).

Specific Beslist settings / configuration


ChannelEngine requires several settings in order to make all features of Beslist work. 

Please note: The Client Id and Shop Id are supplied to you when creating an account, however the 'ShopItem API Key' & 'Order XML API Key' are only supplied by Beslist after they approved your product feed.

Product selection / Creating a product feed:

To have a product feed generated, you will need to create a product selection of all the products you want listed on Beslist first. Please note that after saving the selection it can take up to 60 minutes before the feed is generated for the first time. After that it will be regenerated every hour. Beslist only reads in the feed once an hour as well, so more frequent generation has no effect on the processing speed of changes at Beslist.

You can find the product feed location in ChannelEngine in the product selection tab. This location / URL will never change (unless you remove the channel and re-add it later).

Warning: to prevent Beslist from rejecting your initial product feed, you will almost certainly need to map your categories (unless you already have very distinct sub categories) and do attribute mapping (setting up your delivery times + shipping costs etc). Please continue the guide before supplying this URL to Beslist.


Beslist has it owns category tree, however it is not mandatory to use. If you have very specific sub categories (like 'Bicycles > Bicycle parts > Bells') Beslist will most likely approve these. If you have very global categories or things like 'Sale' or 'Collection 2019' as a category, it is strongly advised to do map these to relevant Beslist categories (by using advanced rules for example).


This is very important for having your feed accepted by Beslist. In the 'mapping'-tab there are 2 different sub sections, content mappings and offer mappings.

Content Mappings:
Depending on if you used the categorization to map to Beslists own categories, you will see 'All Products' and a list of all categories that were mapped.

Because Beslist does not have any category-specific attributes, so you'll only need to select ' All products' for content mapping. You'll see 6 mandatory attribute columns which will absolutely need to be filled in order to be accepted by Beslist and 17 optional ones. It is strongly recommended to fill these as well if you have the data / information. More images and information generally leads to a higher conversion of your products.

Below is an overview from Beslist and it's product types, and which attributes are mandatory / recommended and optional:

Green = obligatory (shop won't go online without this information).
Blue = recommended when available (for conversion improvement).
Purple = optional.

Offer Mappings:
This section is very important but forgotten quite often. This has 5 attributes / column that have to be mapped: Price, Shipping Costs for NL,  Shipping Costs for BE, Delivery Time for NL and Delivery Time for BE

Please note: all of these attributes will have to be filled and match whatever information is listed on your own website. Therefor you are strongly unadvised to use price rules to increase or decrease the price, as this will causes prices to no longer match.

For example: if you have product A on your website with price 19.95 and 5 euro shipping costs to NL / BE, but have a price of 24.95 and 7.50 shipping costs in your mapping / feed - Beslist will decline this feed. Therefore make sure these attributes match before submitting the feed to Beslist.

If you have configured everything correctly, you can 'activate' the channel by toggling the switch to 'On'.

This will activate all tasks for Beslist including generating the feed. 

Channel specific F.A.Q / issues

  • Where can I find the feed location Beslists needs?
    The URL of the Beslist feed can be found in the ‘Product Selection’ tab of the channel. Please note that this URL will almost remain the same, but it won’t be correctly filled with products until a filter is created.
  • Where can I set the shipping time and costs for NL & BE?
    These can be configured under the tab ‘Mappings’ of the channel. If you have the attribute(s) for “shipping time” and “shipping costs” mapped, you can just use the respective ChannelEngine attributes for this. Alternatively you can use ‘ advanced rules’ if the shipping costs are dependent on the weight for example by creating a rule which uses that attribute.If you don’t have any shipping costs or times in your product data, you can use ‘Fixed value’ to manually set these for all products.
  • How can I use correct categories for Beslist?
    When navigating to 'Categorisation' you will see an overview of all known categories of your own products. You can 'map' these to the available categorie Beslist has. If you want a complete overview of all possible options, select the ' Browse' option to have this displayed.
  • Why is the 'export offers to channel' task failing for Beslist?
    When activating the channel all possible tasks will automatically be activated and scheduled on regular intervals. However, we can not successfully use Beslists Order XML / API unless we have the correct API keys. These will only be supplied by Beslist after they approved the product feed.
  • Where can I set the variants / variant Id?
    This is done automatically based on the parent - child relations between your products in ChannelEngine.