LVB, FBA, FBC (external fulfillment)

// Contents

Setting fulfillment
Fixed fulfillment
Automatic fulfillment
Receiving orders

// Setting fulfillment

To set fulfillment in ChannelEngine there are basically 2 options:

  • Fixed fulfillment (Merchant fulfillment or LVB (logistiek via / FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) / FBC (fulfillment by CDiscount))
  • Automatic fulfillment

// Fixed fulfillment

You can set the fulfillment for a channel (if applicable) in the channel settings > 'Mappings' > 'Offer mappings'.

There you can select a fixed value such as (LVB) or Merchant fulfillment. Please note that changing this setting will apply for the fulfillment status on all products in your listing. If you want to change the fulfillment status for one or a few specific products you can search for the product and click in the 'fulfillment override' column for that product. You will see the same dropdown menu in which you can select an alternative option. Once a fixed override is selected, the field will get a yellow background to indicate this overridden value.

Setting fulfillment overrides this way does require a lot of manual changes and work and there is an easier way to set the (fixed) fulfillment status by using product attributes. In order to set a product as LVB, FBA or FBC (fulfillment by CDiscount) products can also have some sort of fulfillment attribute separating them from regular products. For example (in our example in Magento 2) you can add a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ attribute labelled to the products for this specific purpose which will then automatically be imported into ChannelEngine. This attribute has to be added and activated for every product you wish to list as external fulfillment. Make sure your attribute is unique so there aren’t any chances that the wrong products get included in the external fulfillment status.

The only exception is when using a ‘productfeed’: you first have to ‘map’ this attribute in order for it to be imported (at  Products > Product feeds).

Once the attribute has been added and imported into ChannelEngine (visible in the product information under ‘product’), it can be used to set LVB, FBA or FBC as fulfillment. To do so, go to ‘ Mappings’ in the channel options and select the tab 'Offer mappings'. In the 'fulfillment override' column select the option "Advanced rule".

The rule shown above will set as the fulfillment method if the attribute for LVB is set to ‘Yes’. Otherwise, it will use the default method ‘Merchant’ (and you have to handle shipping yourself). This works the same way for Amazon or CDiscount, with of course an option ‘Amazon’ / 'CDiscount' visible in the drop-down.

Please note: if you use the above method of using an attribute to set the fulfillment for a channel, you will have to keep the status updated in your own webshop/product feed / ERP etc. Removing the attribute (while still in use) will cause problems or will be ignored (in case of a product feed), so please make sure this status is always correct.

// Automatic fulfillment

By default, the fulfillment status will be set on 'Automatic'. This status will export the fulfillment as external fulfillment as long as there is (known) external stock in ChannelEngine for this product. If there is not, the fulfillment status will be exported as 'Merchant' fulfilled. 

Warning: This system is fully depending on getting external stock from a marketplace for that specific EAN / GTIN. If we don't have external stock (you can always see this listed under 'stock' when checking a product in ChannelEngine), we will always use 'Merchant' fulfilled.

There are a few common reasons why the external stock is not displayed/retrieved:

  • The external stock is connected to a different EAN / GTIN. Especially in case of, where some products exist with 10 or more different EAN's for the same product, we can only connect stock to the EAN / product we know. 
  • The task to import external stock is not yet enabled for a specific marketplace. You can verify this by checking the 'Scheduled Tasks' (Settings > Scheduled Tasks) in your ChannelEngine account. If you are missing a specific 'Import Fulfillment Stock From Channel' tasks for a channel (or it is marked as 'Failed'), please contact our support to have this verified and resolved.

// Receiving orders

LVB / FBA / FBC orders will be shown in ChannelEngine in exactly the same way regular orders are visible. The only difference is that we don’t forward them to your shop or system and they are only visible for overview (and statistic) purposes. This is deliberate as most systems will always see a new order as something that needs to be handled/shipped, but you can retrieve these external fulfillment orders by using our API.

An order with external fulfillment will have a note displaying that it’s not a merchant fulfilled order and is being handled by either, Amazon or CDiscount. Once they mark the order as “sent” this will also be visible in ChannelEngine (we can only retrieve these orders once they have been handled by the respective marketplaces).

Use the filters on top of the screen to only show external fulfillment orders. 

By choosing ‘full order by channel’ you will get an overview of all LVB/FBA/FBC orders. If you want the opposite and exclude all external fulfilled orders, you select ‘full order by merchant’.

Please note: ChannelEngine does nothing regarding the shipments or stock of the selected products to the warehouses of If you do not have any stock (yet) stored in their fulfillment centers, the products will not be listed on the marketplace. If you want to know more about how to change the fulfillment status for LVB 'pre-registration of stock', see this article.