Mirakl-based channels: automatic invoicing

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This document describes Mirakl's automatic invoicing, and how to enable it on ChannelEngine.

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How to enable the upload of invoices?


Channels that use the Mirakl framework for their back-end offer an alternative to the manual upload of order invoices. During each shipment export, ChannelEngine can upload the order invoice automatically as a PDF.

NB: make sure to configure your invoice settings before enabling automatic invoicing for Mirakl-based channels. For more information on this, check out the ChannelEngine: automated VAT invoices article.

How to enable the upload of invoices?

To enable the automatic upload of invoices on Mirakl-based channels, go to the channel's Setup section and select Advanced settings to reveal the setting.

Select  Enable the automatic upload of invoices. Once the next export of shipments begins, an order invoice for each new order is uploaded. Note that this does not apply to orders in the past, only to orders received after the feature is enabled.

To avoid duplicate invoices, the order extra data is checked – and the invoice upload is skipped if the order is found to already contain an invoice attached to it.

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