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Commercial Info
How to request an account + costs
Channel features
Specific Darty requirements & exceptions
Channel setup
    Specific Darty settings/configuration
    Listed products
Channel-specific F.A.Q / issues

// Commercial Info

Active countries:  France 
Monthly visitors:  10 million unique visitors per month
Commission:  Monthly fee of 39.99€ and commissions based on the products categories
Payment:  Every 10 days, starting from the first day of the month (on the 1st, 10th, 20th)
Product categories:  High-tech (Smartphone, computers, headphones…etc.), house appliances, furniture, bedding, sports materials, DIY, gardening, gaming, toys
Input language:  French
Input currency:  EUR
Content creation: Yes

ChannelEngine Darty marketplace information

// How to request an account + costs

For selling via the Darty platform, you can request an account via: https://www.darty.com/nav/extra/inscription_vendeur#dartyclic=H_footer_serv_deve-vend-pro

/ Costs

For selling via the Darty platform, there is a fixed monthly fee of  €39,99. Besides that, there is a commission that varies per category:

Table New product

Laptops and tablets 7 %
Hard drives, TV sets, and projectors 6 %
White goods (excluding accessories and specific options) 6,5 %
Digital cameras and lenses 7 %
Small appliances (excluding accessories and specific options) 8 %

Smartphones and mobile phones 8 %

Simple and DJ sound systems (excluding accessories and specific options) and microphones 8 %

Default technical products (excluding accessories and specific options), alarm clocks, desktop computers, components, monitors, power supplies, printers, scanners, and video game consoles 8 %

Accessories - for gaming, video game consoles, musical instruments, sound and DJ systems 13 %
Accessories - for technical products, white goods, small appliances, and tableware 13 %
Games, toys, health, gadgets, figurines, cards, creative leisure activities, and posters 12 %
Video games, DVD/Blu-ray readers, audio, software, musical instruments (excluding accessories and specific), child care, astronomy, and meteorology 12 %
Books 13 %

Watches and default editorial products (excluding accessories and specific options) and stationery 14 %
DIY 12 %
Gardening 14 %
Pet shop 15 %
Sports & leisure, sportswear, luggage 14 %
Bedding, home textiles 15 %

Furniture 15 %

Sustainable development, arts, and collections, home and lifestyle (decoration), electronic cigarettes, sexy chic, other/unspecified item group. 15 %
Other diversification 11 %

// Channel Features

Darty uses the Mirakl framework, which is also used by a lot of other marketplaces. Therefore the name of mapping attributes and options might seem familiar if you already use other Mirakl channels.
Supported Not supported
Product offers (EAN-matching) Returns (Channel)
Product content (no HTML formatting) External fulfillment
Orders (Ordersupport = NO SPLITTING ORDER) Automatic product variations (sizes / colors)
Returns / refunds (merchant)

Shipments (including carrier-mapping)

Cancellations (merchant)
Repricing (competitors only)

// Specific Darty requirements & exceptions

Darty has no specific requirements or exceptions, with the exception of some requirements regarding product information. These requirements can be found in the content mapping section.

There is one exception to mention, you are not allowed to include any of the following words in a product title:
Coronavirus|coronavirus|AMPOULE UV DE DÉSINFECTION|CORONAVIRUS|COVID|LAMPE GERMICIDE|Germinicide|Lampe UV|germinicide|lampe uv|COVID19|covid19|Covid|covid|Airpod|airpod|AIRPODS|Airpods|airpods|AirPod|airPods|AirPods|AIRPODS|Earpods|EarPods|earpod|earpods|AirpodS|Soundlink|soundlink|Sound Link|sound link|Sound link|sound link|SOUNDLINK|SOUND LINK

Including any of these terms will automatically cause the product information to be rejected.

// Channel setup

Setting up every channel in ChannelEngine follows the same steps/flow:

// Specific Darty settings/configuration

/ Setup

Once your seller account is active, you can find the necessary credentials (Mirakl API Key / Mirakl shop ID) in the Darty backend ( https://drt-prod.mirakl.net/login). 

  • Your Shop Id can be found in the Darty backend (https://drt-prod.mirakl.net/login), by navigating to 'My Account' > 'Settings'. 

  • Your API-key can be found by selecting your account name in the top right corner and selecting 'API key' in the menu at the top:
  • Fill in these credentials in the ChannelEngine tab 'Setup' and press 'Save' to store this information. Enter your Mirakl seller name on Darty only if you want to use the repricer for setting up prices (it's optional). Please note that the prices of the marketplace are not available and you can only reprice based on direct third-party competitors.

/ Categorisation

Categorisation for Darty is only needed if you want to create new products or update existing product information. The categorisation is pretty straightforward, and categorisation uses French attribute names.

/ Mapping

/ Content:

Darty has several mandatory attributes that need to be mapped. For individual product types, there are few required mappings but a lot of optional mappings that can be added.

Be aware that because Darty is a French marketplace, it is always mandatory to supply a French product title for new products. If you do not have these, consider using ChannelEngine's option to generate product translation. Some of the required attributes may be confusing, details on what they mean and what needs to be entered can be found below.

All products:

  • Description produit - this is the main description for your product in French. There is no length restriction and limited HTML is allowed.
  • EAN - the 13-digit EAN for your product. This EAN is validated by Darty.
  • Marque - the brand for your product. In comparison with other Mirakl marketplaces, Darty does not require mapping to specific brands in their database and you can easily submit your own brand(s).
  • Référence/Titre - the product name / title for your product in French. Maximum length: 150 characters.
  • SKU Produit - your unique reference for the product. Usually the MerchantProductNo in ChannelEngine.
  • Taux TVA - the VAT rate. Please note that you need to submit this different than you are used to. For a VAT rate of 20%, you need to fill in a value of 2000 (numeric value only, so without any decimal separator or %).
  • Type - the type of product. You can choose between MAJ and ACC, but as a third-party seller, you always need to map MAJ.
  • Type photo 1 - this determines if your main photo (URL photo 1) is oriented horizontally (H) or vertical (V).
  • URL photo 1 - the URL to your main product image. Has to be a still image with the product only and with a white background.
  • Zoom photo 1 - this determines if your main photo (URL photo 1) is a zoomable image (so is in a high resolution). If so, select 'o' (oui); otherwise, select 'n' (non).

Warning: Référence/Titre (title) and Description produit (description) need to be in French language. When they are created in a different language they will be manually deleted from the Darty database by the content team of Darty and you will not have active offers for products affected.

Product type-specific

These are a lot of optional attributes for specific product types/categories, some examples:

  • Finition: Material info
  • Couleur: Color
  • Dimensions intérieures: Dimensions
/ Offer:

Like most Mirakl channels, Darty does not have a lot of required offer mappings. The only mandatory offer mapping is the 'Price before price rules'. This attribute is your desired sale price (after (re)price rules are applied to it). 

However, next to the "Mirakl" default optional attributes ('Catalog price / MSRP' (the suggested retail price for your product), 'Leadtime to shipment' (amount of days before you ship the item), 'Logistic class' (your optional shipping class), 'Offer state' (the condition of your item) and 'Min. qty alert' (receive a notification if the stock drops below this amount), there are some additional optional attributes as well.

These are related to the service(s) you offer (like shipping options and guarantee) and specific French taxes (like the DEEE or the commision sur la copie privee). In some scenarios it can be mandatory according to French law to supply this information, so please check if you have this available.

/ Carrier:

Carrier mapping is not required to set up for Darty, however, you can map your carrier to a specific list of carriers that Darty knows (this will allow for working track and trace links in the backend and for the end client). The current list is pretty short - please contact Darty to add your default carrier if this is lacking.

/ Listed Products

Should you have problems with products not appearing on Darty (especially if you are trying to create new products that do not yet exist), you can always check the ListedProduct section for more information. 

You can either filter on the ' Channel status' ("Invalid" for all products that we haven't exported, for example, products with an empty EAN, or products that currently do not exist on Darty yet). Also, as Darty uses the Mirakl marketplace framework for its backend, you can also see detailed status reports in the backend. These reports will also contain specific errors if a product or product offer can not be created. 

These reports can be found under ' My inventory' > 'Import from File' > 'Track Offer Imports' / 'Track Product Imports'. By hovering over the "i" in the status section, you can see how many of the products in the file were processed correctly and how many had errors etc. 

If there are errors, the last column will contain a file download in which the errors are listed. The same goes for the product file import, but that can contain multiple files because processing goes to several systems and there is also a manual check of your submitted content (which after approval will first go to staging as well). Please take this into account and note that new content will usually take 24-72 hours before visible on Darty.

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