Galeria Inno marketplace guide

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Commercial Info
How to request an account + costs
Channel features
Specific Galeria Inno requirements & exceptions
Channel setup
    Specific Galeria Inno settings/configuration
    Listed products
Channel-specific F.A.Q / issues

// Commercial Info

Active countries: Belgium & The Netherlands
Monthly visitors: Unknown
Commission: € 39,99 monthly + % based fee (avg 15%, but depending on category)
Payment: 3 monthly pay-outs: every 1st, 11th & 21st of the month
Product categories: Clothing, Jewellery, Accessories, Home, Luggage &, Health & Beauty and more
Input language: Dutch & French
Input currency: EUR
Content creation: Yes

ChannelEngine Galeria Inno marketplace information

// How to request an account + costs

If you are interested in selling on Galleria Inno, you can send an email to your customer success manager to get into contact with Galeria Inno. As the marketplace of Galleria Inno will open in March 2021, they currently focus on the following roadmap:

For launch mid-March:

  • Clothing men, women, kids & accessories
  • Lingerie/swimwear
  • Handbags
  • Home Textile
  • Household
  • Sunglasses
  • Watches
  • Jewelry
  • Luggage & travel accessories

After launch:

  • Shoes men, women, kids
  • Beauty & fragrances
  • Health & Personal care
  • Toys & games

Also, the following process will take place before receiving access to the platform of Galleria Inno:

Galleria Inno will be a “curated marketplace” meaning that the marketplace administrators will screen interested sellers before allowing them to post their catalog. By screening sellers, we want to assure a high level of quality. Therefore, the recruitment process is the following:

  1. KYC process via our PSP Stripe: based on business information or documentation provided by potential sellers to Stripe (please find an overview of the required information in the KYC document)
  2. If KYC is OK, a mail will be sent with the “shop creation link”. This link is valid for 48 hours and will give the seller direct access to the account creation page on the Mirakl platform
  3. Shop & catalog creation can start on the Mirakl platform

/ Costs

Galeria Inno charges a fixed monthly fee of € 39,99, next to a category-based commission on every sale. This percentage varies per category but is around 15% on average.

// Channel Features

Galeria Inno uses the Mirakl framework, which is also used by a lot of other marketplaces. Therefore the name of mapping attributes and options might seem familiar if you already use other Mirakl channels.
Supported Not supported
Product offers (EAN-matching) Returns (Channel)
Product content (HTML formatting is not allowed) External fulfillment
Orders Repricing
Returns / refunds (merchant)
Product variations (sizes / colors)
Shipments (including carrier-mapping) 

// Specific Galeria Inno requirements & exceptions

Galeria Inno has some specific requirements & exceptions in comparison with other marketplaces. Please be aware of these before activating the channel as they can cause confusion.

/ Requirements

As Galeria Inno is a Belgium retail chain, all product information has to be supplied in both Dutch and French. There are strict content guidelines, of which the most important ones are listed below:

  • Product categorization
    The product category is to ensure meaningful and uniform customer navigation. It indicates the last level of the category in which the product is published.5
  • Shop SKU
    The Shop SKU is your internal, unique product number or code.
    Maximum field length: 20 characters.
  • Brand
    This attribute refers to the brand or manufacturer of the product and is placed above the product name on the PLP and PDP. You can select your brand name from the value list. Should your brand not appear in the list or should the orthography/design not be correct, please contact We will make the necessary adjustments. Do not make any changes yourself in the back office as these changes will not appear on the front-end.
  • Name
    This is the product title and describes your product as precisely and unambiguously as possible. This:
    • may NOT contain the brand name: as the Brand appears above the Name, including it here would make the brand appear twice which would be unattractive.
    • is a mandatory field both in Dutch and in French.
    • maximum length: 56 characters (including spaces), but it is recommended to limit the Name to 28 characters (including spaces) so it fully appears on all pages. If longer, the Name will be cut off at character 28 and the rest of the Name will not be visible, for example on the listing page.
    • it must follow these pattern in which the marketing name is optional: Name = (marketing name) + category + product attribute
  • Long Description
    In the Long Description, you have the possibility to describe your product as precisely and detailed as possible.
    • the text should be SEO optimized.
    • may not contain any advertising for other products or references (links) to other sources of information.
    • is a mandatory field both in Dutch and in French.
    • this description should be unique in order to avoid duplicate content with your own website
    • maximum length is 5.000 characters (including spaces)
  • Size
    The Size attribute is mandatory for apparel, swimwear, underwear & shoes. Input is via a value list from which you can select the sizes for your product.
    Important! Sizes in the value lists are always European sizes. Therefore, if you use French/Italian/German sizes in your own product catalog, you will need to convert them first to European sizes.
  • Images
    The following requirements apply to the images:
    • Minimum dimensions : (width)1050 x (height)1200 pixels.
    • Maximum dimensions 3000 x 3000 pixels.
    • Strongly recommended dimensions in order to optimize the zoom functionality and offer a qualitative customer experience: 1400 x 1600.
    • Strongly recommended ratio width/height: 7/8. This ratio is very important to ensure qualitative display on every page of the marketplace.
    • Maximum file size: 6Mb (6000 Kb)
    • The following image formats are supported: gif, jp2, jpg, jpeg, png, tiff, and tif.
    • Main image: front view + fully visible (+ worn on a mannequin in case of apparel).
    • In the case of sets, provide an image of the sets/packs in which all articles of the set are shown.
    • No watermarks, logos, or text components on the image.
    • Only the product itself may be shown, do not include any assets in your images such as furniture or decorative items as this can confuse the consumer.
    • Use a white, beige, or light grey background on all your images. It is not acceptable to use situational/ambient backgrounds.
    • Do not include images in Black & White mode.
    • The license/copyright to the images must be present.
    • Do not show any kids models for Underwear and Beachwear articles.

// Channel setup

Setting up every channel in ChannelEngine follows the same steps/flow:

// Specific Galeria Inno settings/configuration

/ Setup

Once your seller account is active, you can find the necessary credentials (Mirakl API Key / Mirakl shop ID) in the Galeria Inno backend ( 

  • Your Shop Id can be found in the Galeria Inno backend (, by navigating to 'My Account' > 'Settings'. 

  • Your API-key can be found by selecting your account name in the top right corner and selecting 'API key' in the left side menu.

  • Fill in these credentials in ChannelEngine and press ' Save' to store this information. Enter your Mirakl seller name on Galeria Inno only if you want to use the repricer for setting up prices (it's optional).

/ Categorisation

Categorisation for Galeria Inno is only needed if you want to create new products or update existing product information. The categorisation is pretty straight forward, and the categorisation uses English attribute names.

/ Mapping

/ Content:

Galeria Inno has several mandatory attributes that need to be mapped. For individual product types, there are a few mandatory mappings and several optional mappings that can be added.
Be aware that Galeria Inno needs both Dutch and French attributes such as your product description, the product name (title), and a short description (optional). If you do not have available these in both languages, consider using ChannelEngine's option to generate product translations.

All products:

  • Brands - this is the brand (or brands) for your product. Please note this has to be mapped to brands that Galeria Inno knows. If your brand is currently not available, contact Galeria Inno to have this added.
  • Color - this is the primary color for your product. Please note that this has to be mapped to a specific color name/value that Galeria Inno knows.
  • EAN - this is the 13 digit EAN or GTIN for the product.
  • Long Description [fr_BE]-  this is the main description for your product that will appear on the website, in French. HTML is not allowed.
  • Long Description [nl_BE] - this is the main description for your product that will appear on the website, in Dutch. HTML is not allowed.
  • Name [fr_BE] - this is the name that will appear on the website, on the color level, and in French. For example – WOOOD Elaine Chaise de salle à manger Grise.  Has a max length of 56 characters.
  • Name [nl_BE] - this is the name that will appear on the website, on the color level, and in Dutch. For example – WOOOD Elaine Chaise de salle à manger Grise.  Has a max length of 56 characters.
  • Product image_1 url - the main image for your product. Please note that this has to be an image of at least 1050 x 1200  px with a plain (white) background. If it concerns apparel, the main picture with a model wearing the item is allowed.
  • Shop sku - shop SKU - Sellers internal variant identifier. Usually your MerchantProductNo in ChannelEngine. Example: ABC123-Yellow-Medium.

There are quite some available optional (but recommended) attributes, like the product size dimensions and the option to add extra images.

Product type-specific

These are some attributes for specific product types/categories, some examples:

  • Material info
  • Format
  • Pattern
  • Type
/ Offer:

Like most Mirakl channels, Galleria Inno does not have a lot of offer mappings (both required as optional). The only mandatory offer mapping is the 'Price before price rules'. This attribute is your desired sale price (after (re)price rules are applied to it). 

Attributes such as ' Catalog price / MSRP' (the suggested retail price for your product), 'Leadtime to shipment' (amount of days before you ship the item), 'Logistic class' (your optional shipping class), 'Offer state' (the condition of your item) and 'Min. qty alert' (receive a notification if the stock drops below this amount) are common for (Mirakl) mappings.

/ Carrier:

Carrier mapping is not required to set up for Galleria Inno, however, you can map your carrier to a specific list of carriers that Galleria Inno knows (this will allow for working track and trace links in the backend and for the end client). The current list is pretty short - please contact Galleria Inno to add your default carrier if this is lacking.

/ Listed Products

Should you have problems with products not appearing on Galleria Inno (especially if you are trying to create new products that do not yet exist), you can always check the ListedProduct section for more information. 

You can either filter on the ' Channel status' ("Invalid" for all products that we haven't exported, for example, products with an empty EAN, or products that currently do not exist on Galleria Inno yet) or use the 'Validation and feedback' tab to see all known validation/feedback errors for specific products. Also, as Galleria Inno uses the Mirakl marketplace framework for its backend, you can also see detailed status reports in the backend. These reports will also contain specific errors if a product or product offer can not be created. 

These reports can be found under ' My inventory' > 'Import from File' > 'Track Offer Imports' / 'Track Product Imports'. By hovering over the "i" in the status section, you can see how many of the products in the file were processed correctly and how many had errors etc. 

If there are errors, the last column will contain a file download in which the errors are listed. The same goes for the product file import, but that can contain multiple files because processing goes to several systems and there is also a manual check of your submitted content (which after approval will first go to staging as well). Please take this into account and note that new content will usually take 24-72 hours before visible on Galleria Inno.

// Channel-specific F.A.Q / issues