Shopify: stock management

// Intro

While Shopify has all sorts of support for stock management, by default it will NOT automatically deduct or add any stock based on orders (this contrary to most other webshop software and platforms). If you do not manually update stock in Shopify or use some other form of automated stock management for Shopify (some examples could be found here), you could consider letting ChannelEngine automatically subtract the "shipped" stock when importing shipments.

We only subtract stock when the items are really marked as shipped because if we would do these calls when exporting an order, additional logic would be required in case of cancellations. 

// Enable stock management

By default, the setting to automatically update stock will be disabled. This is because many existing Shopify clients already use alternative ways of updating the stock, and enabling this feature could cause duplicate stock deductions, etc.

You can find the setting for enabling automatic stock update in the Setup page of the Shopify plugin. As this is a feature that can potentially cause issues if used incorrectly, it is marked as an advanced feature (so you will need to open Advanced Settings first to see the setting).

// Notifications

Should something go wrong with adjusting the stock for the shipped products (if for example the IDs necessary to adjust the stock in Shopify can not be fetched or determine), a "Failed stock update" notification will be created. This notification can be enabled in the Settings for the user (for more information see this article) - it will be disabled by default.

The stock update notifications are located at the bottom of the list.

This notification will contain both the Shopify product id in the title, as a link to the product in ChannelEngine.

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