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Commercial Info
How to request an account + costs
Channel features
Channel setup
    Specific StyleSearch settings/configuration
    Product selection / Creating a product feed
    Listed products
Channel-specific F.A.Q / issues

// Commercial Info

Active in: NL, BE, DE, IT, GB, US
Visitors per month: Unknown
Commission: A monthly fee (min € 75,-) depending on selected package + 10% commission on sales 
Payment: Via your own webshop
Product categories Fashion
Input language (title + description):
NL or EN
Input currency EUR (GBP for GB | USD for the US)
Content link: Yes (feed)

// Request and configure an account

StyleSearch is the next generation fashion search engine, where users can create their own 'styles'. This platform is mainly suited for brands and large fashion sellers.

Should you like to become a 'seller' on StyleSearch, you can contact them via the contact form on They will get back to you and if your products are suitable for sale on StyleSearch, you will be sent a proposal document. In that document, several 'packages' are available, depending on the number of products. 

Select the package and options you'd like, sign, and send the document back to StyleSearch. Once that is received, you will have an account and your brand / products can be added to StyleSearch.

/ Costs

The costs vary based on the selected package and if you want to set an additional advertising budget to improve conversion. The specific price details can be found in the proposal that StyleSearch will send you.

The current minimum monthly fee is € 75,- and there is always a commission of 10% on every sale that generated via StyleSearch.

// Channel Features

Supported Not supported 
Product content (feed) Orders
Currency conversion (optional) Shipments



As StyleSearch is an affiliate/click channel, it does not have any marketplace actions such as processing orders and shipments directly. The plugin/channel is used to generate a feed to include in your StyleSearch backend, but all order handling is done directly on your webshop.

// Channel setup

Setting up every channel in ChannelEngine follows the same steps / flow:

// Specific StyleSearch settings / configuration

/ Setup:

In the ' Setup' tab you will see multiple options which can be enabled or disabled as desired:

  • Do not expose actual stock - If you do not want to export the actual stock value (StyleSearch will only list items as In stock or Out of stock regardless), you can enable this option so the stock value used is always 1 if the product has positive stock.
  • Enable tracking URL params - if this setting is enabled, the product URL's in the StyleSearch feed will include a tracking query string parameter. Example:
  • Use CE Product update? - StyleSearch has an attribute for the date of the last product update. If you enable this setting, this will automatically be filled with the date of the last data update for this product in ChannelEngine.

If you want to use ChannelEngine's own conversion tracking, you can also enter your ' Cost per Click' so we can automatically calculate the costs and ROI.

/ Product selection | Creating a product feed:

To have a product feed generated, you will need to create a product selection of all the products you want to be listed on StyleSearch first. Please note that after saving the selection it can take up to 1 hour before the feed is generated for the first time. After that, it will be regenerated every hour. 

You will find the product feed location in ChannelEngine in the 'Product Selection' tab. This location / URL will never change (unless you remove the channel and re-add it later) and is the one you will need to submit to StyleSearch. Currently, this is done by just emailing them with the feed URL, but they have a backend system on the roadmap where you can manage this yourself.

Warning: Please categorize and 'map' all your products and product attributes before submitting the product feed to StyleSearch. Otherwise, the feed will be either empty or incomplete, causing your products to not be listed yet or with insufficient information.

/ Categorisation:

Please 'map' your own categories to the category list from StyleSearch. StyleSearch has its owns category tree and it's mandatory to use its taxonomy. 

If you use a Dutch language channel (like StyleSearch NL (nl)) the categories will be in Dutch, if you use an English language channel (Like StyleSearch UK (en)) the categories will be in English.

/ Mapping:


Compared to other affiliate channels, StyleSearch has quite some required attributes that must be included in the export. While the usage of each attribute should be clear based on the name, it is important to note that some of these attributes have a fallback attribute if you don't map or map an empty attribute for a product.

/ Attributes with a default value if not mapped
Attribute Default attribute (value)
Unique Product Id product.MerchantProductNo
Product Name product.Name
Description product.Description  ¹
Main Product Image product.ImageUrl
Brand product.Brand
Color product.Color
Gender Unisex
Size product.Size
Category Path (from Category mapping) product.CategoryTrail
Category Name product.CategoryTrail
Currency EUR
Price product.Price
Old Price / MSRP product.ListPrice  ²
In stock? If product.Stock is larger than 0, set to True
Ean product.Ean

1. = HTML / formatting is always stripped from descriptions for StyleSearch.
2. = The "Old Price" is only exported if it is higher than the regular Price.

Fill in / map all the required attributes and 'Save' your changes to have this all included in the next product feed export. Note: while usually listed as 'Offer mappings', in the case of StyleSearch attributes like your Price and Old Price / MSRP are mapped under 'Content mappings' as everything is exported in one complete file (no separate offers exist).

/ Pricing:

If you want to sell on and your target countries have a currency different than your own, you can use price rules in the ChannelEngine software to create a currency conversion. 

Warning: As StyleSearch is a 'click' channel that redirects to your own webshop and the prices as listed on there, it's not advised to apply price rules as this would most likely cause price differences between the price listed on StyleSearch and the price on your webshop.

/ Activation:

In this step, it is shown an overview of the configuration done. Different states can appear, showing which steps are correctly filled and which ones need further configuration or details. In the end, if you have configured everything correctly, you can 'Activate' the channel by toggling the switch.

/ Channel specific F.A.Q / issues

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