Channels: Price rule example

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Setting up a price rule example

// Introduction

When setting up price rules, you might want to check out what the result would be with your real product(s). To see the output of your price rules, you can use the "Price rule example" option in ChannelEngine. Currently, you need to preview the projected result of price rules in a separate section and not directly next to the price rules itself (which is the case for repricing rules), but this might change in the nearby future. To go the 'Price rule example' overview, select Channels > Price rule example in the left-hand side menu.

// Setting up a price rule example

To see the full calculation of a price rule you need to select exactly where the price rules you wish to check are applied and search the desired product.

The do this, 3 fields need to be filled:

  • In the 'Search product' field, you will need to enter the MerchantProductNo or EAN of the product you wish to check.
  • In the 'Select a channel' dropdown, you will need to select the channel it concerns from the dropdown.
  • In the 'Select listing' dropdown, you will need to select the distinct price rule listing 

Once these fields are filled, a preview should appear showing all the price rules that are applied to the product in the (sort) order they are set up. Please be aware of this sort order for price rules: if you have a rule adding a fixed value first and another rule after which adds or subtracts a percentage, this will have a different result as when it's a percentage first and a fixed value after.