Dashboard (general)

The Dashboard

The dashboard is the first page to be shown after logging in to ChannelEngine. It gives a quick overview on the status of the service and which of the channels currently require action.

At the left side of the dashboard the name of your website and the amount of product feeds that are used for this account are shown. By pressing “[x] productfeed(s)” it’s possible to add or modify the product feed or show the report of new, active and inactive products.

This blue ChannelEngine box in the center shows the amount of products that are currently correctly loaded and the amount of channels that are added. By pushing the “[x] products” button, the product overview will be opened. By pressing the “[x] channels” button, the channel overview will be opened.

Every channel that is added will have a channel box that shows information about the integration with the channel. Like this one from Amazon.

The top shows the online marketplace that is added, and in which country the products are listed. By clicking on the logo, the channel settings will be opened. In here you can set everything the way you want for each channel. See https://www.channelengine.com/developers/ for more information about all the settings.

This second box shows the amount of products that are being sent (left) and the amount of product listings that are active (right). The amounts shown are for this particular channel, they can be different for different channels. By pressing the button, the listing overview will be opened and product listings can be added or edited.

The shoppingcart shows the amount of orders that are currently open. By pressing the button the channel order overview will be opened.

The last part shows the returns, clicking this shows you the returned orders and the process.

Is it working?

There are three possible icons that can be shown for the product feed and the different channels.

All is well

Integration is inactive

One of the tasks failed

When one of the tasks failed, it is possible to go to settings -> scheduled tasks in the menu at the left side to see which is failing. Usually, this does not affect the integration but, for example, one single shipment. The ChannelEngine team will be notified as well, if the problem persists more than 24 hours please send a support request to support@channelengine.com