Wayfair: why do all orders have an orderdate at 00:00?

If you check your Wayfair orders in ChannelEngine, you may have noticed that all orders will have a timestamp on the orders labeling 00:00.

This is because Wayfair does not supply a specific order time on new orders, only the date the order was placed. As time is left empty, this is automatically displayed as 00:00. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to get this order time vias other routes so Wayfair orders will always show the time as 00:00 (until Wayfair changes something on their end).

/ Changing this to the created by ChannelEngine date

We sometimes get the question of why we do not change this date to the DateTime when we created the order. While this is a valid request, we do not do this because this could cause issues (having a complete wrong date) in the following scenario's:

  • When Wayfair is having issues with exporting orders via their API connection
  • When ChannelEngine is having issues with importing the orders from Wayfair
  • When an order is placed around 23:59/00:00. In that case, the order date could be day 1, but ChannelEngine's created date on day 2. If your logistic has a cut off time around that moment, this will pose issues for the orders affected.