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This document describes pricing on ChannelEngine, including the main pricing attributes available.

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Price attributes on ChannelEngine


Before creating a product feed, or adding products and channels on ChannelEngine, one of the first things you should consider is pricing.

While ChannelEngine offers several tools to efficiently manage prices, such as price rules and repricing (if the channel supports it), you need to think about what price you want to use as a base on marketplaces. ChannelEngine can advise you on this matter, but the only person who can determine the minimum price and necessary margins is you.

Bear in mind that channels, and thus also ChannelEngine, expect that the prices you submit include VAT.

Price attributes on ChannelEngine

ChannelEngine expect three different prices, in most scenarios:

  • Purchase price - the price you pay your supplier for the product. This price can be useful if you use ChannelEngine's repricing but want to keep a minimum margin taken into account. This purchase price, if available, is also used to calculate a margin on ChannelEngine, which can be used in business rules.
  • Price - your basic selling price, which you use when the product is sold directly on your own webshop. This should include your own profit margin, but does not necessarily have to include the channel's commission or your own fees.
  • Catalog price/Manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) - this is not mandatory, but can be very useful if you want to use from-for prices on channels that support this feature.

Of those three attributes, only the Price is mandatory. However, the other two values can be very useful – as mentioned above.

It is possible to submit multiple additional price attributes, for example, if you want to use a different base price on every Amazon EU portal. Make sure to submit these price attributes as extra attributes in your feed or API call.

NB: before setting up a new channel, make sure to compare the purchase prices for some of your fast-selling products with the average price of those products on that channel. If there is a very low margin or none at all, it is probably not worth selling them on that channel. This is very relevant for drop shipping, where purchase prices are high on average.
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