Kleertjes.com: how do I set 'van-voor' prices?

Kleertjes offers the option to show a VAN - VOOR (From - For) price on their website, by striking through the original (Van / From) price and showing a discount %. If this is something you want to use, you will need to set up 2 price fields in ChannelEngine.

// Setup in ChannelEngine

  1. Go to the offer mappings in ChannelEngine.
  2. Make sure that both the 'Price before (re)price rules' and the 'Catalog price / MSRP' are mapped. This has requirements:
    • The 'Van' (From) price has to be mapped on 'Catalog price / MSRP'. The 'Voor' ('For') price has to be mapped on 'Price before (re)price rules'.
    • Both fields can NOT be mapped with the same attribute or value. There is a check active that will only set a discount if the 'Price before (re)price rules'-value is lower than the 'Catalog price / MSRP'-value. If this is not the case, only 1 price will be exported.
    • While the 'Price before (re)price rules' may result in a lower price (for example, because a 10% discount price rule is applied), this new value is not yet available at the check for the price difference.

// Examples



If the from-for pricing is set up correctly, you will see your product with a discount % label and a strike-through price