how do I (re)authorize ChannelEngine for the bol API?

One of the main changes between the V3 (and later versions) API and their previous API's is the method of authorization. While earlier versions worked with a public and private key system, the new V3 (and later versions) API works with OAuth access delegation. This is a type of authorization that is used by several other marketplaces (like eBay & Wish) as well.

// How to authorize

  1. Go to the channel setting for your plugin (if you have multiple active accounts and plugins, these steps will have to be repeated - please make sure to log out first before proceeding with the next account)
  2. Go to the section labeled Authorize ChannelEngine
  3. Click on the orange Authorize button, a login popup from will open. It should explicitly state 'doorgaan naar ChannelEngine'.

  4. Enter your account credentials (email/password) just like when you login into the backend. Please make sure you are connecting to the correct account if you have multiple accounts!

  5. You should get a confirmation screen listing your account name and asking for confirmation to connect ChannelEngine with your account. Select > Toestaan to proceed.

  6. If all goes well, the popup should close and your Authorize status in ChannelEngine should change.

  7. Should you wish to revoke the access in the future, this should become possible in the backend at Instellingen > API instellingen > Authorized parties

// Reauthorizing

Once the authorization is successful, ChannelEngine will receive a specific token that allows us to get short-term OAuth tokens to perform API calls. However, this specific token has an expiration date of exactly one year. This means, that as long as you continue to use as a marketplace via ChannelEngine, you will need to reauthorize us once every year.

You will receive notifications if the expiration date is nearing (please make sure to enable these notifications). If you do not reauthorize in time, we will no longer have access/permission to perform API calls for your, and the plugin will be disabled.

The steps to perform for reauthorization are exactly the same as for the regular authorization.