Why are my orders imported multiple times in ChannelEngine?

Many marketplaces have separate instances in ChannelEngine, like for example bol.com. There are both the option to add a bol.com NL and a bol.com BE channel. The same goes for channels like Beslist and fonQ and several others.

If you add multiple of these channels, please make sure you have separate accounts for each of these and fill in the correct credentials for each individual account. If you fill in the same credentials for more than one of these channels, they will all retrieve the same 'open' orders and you will get duplicate orders.

// Examples of channels for which this applies:

  • Bol.com (warning: bol.com allows both individual bol account for NL and BE, as well as the option for a 'combi-account'. In the latter case, only add 1 bol.com plugin for both NL as BE)
  • Beslist
  • FNAC
  • All Mirakl channels with multiple countries (fonQ | Afound | VidaXL)

// Examples of channels for which this doesn't apply:

  • Miinto (generic credentials - orders are automatically split per country)
  • Amazon (generic credentials - orders are automatically split per country)
  • All single country channels or single country plugins (V&D | Real | Spartoo | eBay | CDiscount | Wish | Backmarket | Allegro)