Merchant plugins

Next to the various channels (or channel plugins), ChannelEngine also offers ' merchant plugins' for some type of integrations. These are for managing the various settings for a plugin that are initiated from ChannelEngine (so we perform automated actions). Some examples of these type of integrations are Magento 2, Unit4 and Shopify.

Example: settings for a Magento 2 merchant plugin

(Active) merchant plugins can be found via ' Settings' > 'Merchant plugins'. Please note: users can not see and add currently inactive merchant plugins to an account. This was possible in the past, however, due to some merchant plugins being custom made for clients (and having the name of that client which would be a privacy issue to share these publically) and some accidental additions in the past (which required manual action from us) we have hidden the plugins.

If you want to have a specific plugin added, please contact your integration coordinator (if you are just integrating) or your customer success manager.

Once a merchant plugin has been added, you can also go to the settings directly from the ChannelEngine dashboard by clicking on the name of the plugin.

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