why are my offers marked as 'UNMATCHED_OFFER'?

After exporting your product(s) (offers) to, ChannelEngine reads in a file checking the status of the submitted offer. One of the possible statuses that could be returned is  UNMATCHED_OFFER.

There are 3 common errors descriptions which usually follow UNMATCHED_OFFER:

  • For this product essential product information is missing. Go to 'Mijn aanbod' to enrich this product. - this means that the product with this EAN is known, but is missing at least one required attribute so it can not be published at this time.
  • Unknown EAN code [EAN CODE] - this means that the product with this EAN is not known at all, so no successful data export or manual creation has occurred until this point.
  • You are the first to sell this item on Please add a product category. - this means that the product with this EAN is known, but is missing an up to date product category. This usually happens if it was created a long time ago for a no longer existing product category, or there was an issue when initially creating the product.

Regardless of the description following the error, this is an error from stating an offer can not be created (at the time of the last offer export). This error could be fixed by completing mapping and exporting product data for these products (please consult to check if everything is set up for content exports to but is not an instant process so it can take some time before the product information is created or updated.

Some common reasons that content is not updated @

  • Illegal values have been entered in the mapping - this often happens with fields like width or length or other values expecting a numeric value. Please make sure they do not contain the unit of measurement as well (so no mm, cm, kg, etc).
  • Not all required fields have been mapped - please consult Listed Products > Validation and feedback. This will list the attributes missing for this product.
  • The content export is not enabled / active - please make sure that you entered the FTP credentials for your FTPS account and that there is a task scheduled every x hours to update the content.
  • Please take a waiting period in account - content updates at are NOT instant. It will take a while (especially for images and descriptions) before data is processed by all relevant systems at the side of, so take a waiting period of at least 12- 24 hours in account when checking an update in the content at
  • You can not update 'core products' - it's not possible to update attributes for products that has marked as core (these are core products they sell themselves as well, like for example some popular books etc).