ChannelEngine: how to configure notifications

About this document

This document describes the notification system within ChannelEngine, how to enable it, and how to configure it.


To inform customers of events such as new orders or issues with exporting orders or shipments, the ChannelEngine web interface offers a notification inbox. In this inbox, you see a list of notifications informing you of relevant events.

ChannelEngine back-end: notification settings overview

Three different options of notification are available per type of event:

  • A daily digest per email - which collects all notifications generated in the last 24 hours.
  • One email per notification - a separate email is sent for every notification generated.
  • Show in the notification center - no emails are sent, and the notifications can only be accessed in the notification inbox within ChannelEngine.
NB: notification settings are configured per user. If you select the option to receive emails for new orders, only you receive these emails – not all users of the tenant.

To change how and of what you are notified, select your user name in the top right corner and then select Notification settings.

ChannelEngine back-end: notification settings

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