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Commercial Info
How to request an account + costs
Channel features
Channel setup
    Specific Afound settings/configuration
    Listed products
Channel-specific F.A.Q / issues

// Commercial Info

Active countries: Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria
Monthly visitors: 3 million
Commission: 20% (varies based on category)
Payment: Payout every Monday for all orders made 21-27 days earlier.
Product categories: Fashion (RTW, Shoes, Accessories, Sport), Home, Interior, Beauty
Input language: English (with localized descriptions/titles etc)
Input currency: SEK, EUR
Content creation: Yes

ChannelEngine Afound marketplace information

// How to request an account + costs

Currently, there is no automated way of signing up for Afound and Afound is also not an ' open' marketplace like or Amazon. This means that your application is manually reviewed by someone from Afound. To sign up for an account at Afound, you can use the email link at the bottom of the page. Please note that Afound is an off-price marketplace for fashion (clothes, shoes, accessories)

Costs are not yet fully disclosed.

// Channel Features

Afound uses the Mirakl framework, which is also used by a lot of other marketplaces. Therefore the name of mapping attributes and options might seem familiar if you already use other Mirakl channels.
Supported Not supported
Product offers (EAN-matching) Returns (Channel)
Product content (no HTML formatting) External fulfillment
Orders Repricing
Cancellations (merchant) Product variations (sizes / colors)
Returns / refunds (merchant)  
Shipments (including carrier-mapping)

// Channel setup

Setting up every channel in ChannelEngine follows the same steps/flow:

// Specific Afound settings/configuration

/ Setup

Once your seller account is active, you can find the necessary credentials (Mirakl API Key / Mirakl shop ID) in the Afound backend ( 

  • Your Shop Id can be found in the Afound backend (, by navigating to 'My Account' > 'Settings'. 

  • Your API-key can be found by selecting your account name in the top right corner and selecting 'API key' in the left side menu.

  • Fill in these credentials in ChannelEngine and press ' Save' to store this information. You can leave the Mirakl seller name field empty, as Afound does not support any repricing at this time.

/ Categorisation

Categorisation for Afound is only needed if you want to create new products or update existing product information on Afound. The categorisation is pretty straight forward, and categorisation and mapping use English attribute names.

/ Mapping

/ Content:

Please note: If attributes are marked required or optional in ChannelEngine is directly imported from the definitions of a channel. Afound marks several attributes as "Optional", however, these are required to map in order to create new content. Please try to map as many attributes/information as possible.

Afound has several mandatory attributes that need to be mapped, both for ' All products' as for specific product types.

All products:

  • Article Colour Brand - this is the manufacturer's original name of the colour (free text). Will be displayed (as text) on the product detail page. Example: Almondine, Red Rust, Dove.
  • Article Standard Colour - this is a standardized color name coming from Afound. You need to 'map' your color names to values from this list.
  • Article Title EN - the article title is the name that should appear on the website, on the color level. For example – Odessa Coat Black. Example: Odessa Coat Black
  • Brand -  the standardized name of the brand/manufacturer of your product. Please note that this has to be mapped to values originating from Afound. If your brand is not available in this list, please contact Afound to have your brand(s) added. Once added ChannelEngine will periodically import new definitions adding the options to the list.
  • External variant id - shop SKU - Sellers internal variant identifier. Usually your MerchantProductNo in ChannelEngine. Example: ABC123-Yellow-Medium
  • Still Life Image URL - the main image for your product. Please note that this has to be an image of at least 500 x 500 px with a plain (white) background.

The following attributes are marked optional but are in fact necessary to create content.

  • GTIN13 - the 13 digit EAN or GTIN for the product.
  • Material 1 - at least one material is required (2 - 5 are optional). Example: Cotton.
  • Material Percentage [X] - necessary if the corresponding 'Material' is mapped. This is a list of options for which values have to be mapped or selected. Example: 90%.
  • Product Model Id - if you want to create variants based on colour and size, this id will need to be mapped. This is usually your parent SKU attribute.
  • Product Model Name - the same as above, but only applicable if there is no id to group products on. In that case, you can use this attribute to group products on one combined product name. Example: Odessa

Product type-specific

These are required attributes for specific product types/categories, like Gender and Size.

/ Offer:

Like most Mirakl channels, Afound does not have a lot of offer mappings (both required as optional). The only mandatory offer mappings are the ' Price before price rules' and 'General List Price' fields. The first is your desired sale price, the second is the catalog price / MSRP. Please note that Afound desires the General List Price (base price) to be at least 25% higher than the regular price.

Attributes such as ' Leadtime to shipment' (amount of days before you ship the item), 'Logistic class' (your optional shipping class), 'Offer state' (the condition of your item) and 'Min. qty alert' (receive a notification if the stock drops below this amount) are common for (Mirakl) mappings.

There are 3 specific Afound offer mappings:

  • Discount price - a third price field that should be used for further reductions on the offered price, if no further reductions are active this field should be left blank. Only applicable for specific sales.
  • Discount ID - an id field you can use if you use specific discounts.
  • WarehouseId - the id for your warehouse location(s) if applicable.
Important: Afound is an off-price marketplace and as such expects the 'Price' to always be at least 25% of the recommended retail price (or MSRP). This should also be covered in the agreement when you get a marketplace seller account at Afound. If you map an attribute to General List Price that does not have a sufficient difference with the regular Price field (after optional reprice rules and currency conversion), Afound will not list your product.
/ Carrier:

Carrier mapping is not required to set up for Afound, however, you can map your carrier to a specific list of carriers that Afound knows (this will allow for working track and trace links in the Afound backend). The current list is pretty short / incomplete - please contact Afound to add your default carrier if this is lacking.

/ Listed Products

Should you have problems with products not appearing on Afound (especially if you are trying to create new products that do not yet exist), you can always check the ListedProduct section for more information. 

You can either filter on the ' Channel status' ("Invalid" for all products that we haven't exported, for example, products with an empty EAN, or products that currently do not exist on Afound yet) or use the 'Validation and feedback' tab to see all known validation/feedback errors for specific products. Also, as Afound uses the Mirakl marketplace framework for its backend, you can also see detailed status reports in the backend. These reports will also contain specific errors if a product or product offer can not be created. 

These reports can be found under ' My inventory' > 'Import from File' > 'Track Offer Imports' / 'Track Product Imports'. By hovering over the "i" in the status section, you can see how many of the products in the file were processed correctly and how many had errors etc. 

If there are errors, the last column will contain a file download in which the errors are listed. The same goes for the product file import, but that can contain multiple files because processing goes to several systems and there might even be a manual check of your submitted content. Please note that because of the conditionally required attributes that are marked optional, you need to map as much as possible to prevent products from not being created.

// Channel-specific F.A.Q / issues

  • Can I set up the shipping fee in ChannelEngine?

    No, the shipping fee is a global Afound setting which can only be configured in the Afound backend.

    To do so:
    1. Go to:
    2. Choose Overridden price from the dropdown menu.
    3. Add the amount you want to charge for shipping in this specific shop ( Please note: Leave additional price as 0 since this is not applicable at
    4. Select " Save" to store this.
    5. Add the threshold amount you want to apply on this shop. This means that free shipping will be applied to all orders with a higher order value than the threshold you choose.
    6. Optional: When ticking the box FREE shipping it will override all other shipping fee amounts you added to the shop and FREE shipping will be applied to all orders of any value.
    7. Whatever option you select, please select " Save" to make the changes final.