Woocommerce: how to set orders to shipped?

By default, WooCommerce has no real endpoint or method of creating shipments that can be exported to ChannelEngine, unlike pure webshop CMS's like Magento or Prestashop. Most WooCommerce plugins for fulfillment will only place 1 or more comments as an order note and mark the order as completed (or shipped). It's not possible for ChannelEngine to get the required information (or even a trigger for retrieving it) via these means.

However, to set an order as handled (shipped) in ChannelEngine, we require a shipping Method and Track & Trace number in a shipment. Only then can we export that information to the marketplace where an order originated and mark the order as completed. In order to get that information, our plugin adds two fields on an order.

Please fill in the information (if you have a fulfillment plugin that can automatically enter and save this information even better) and press the 'Update'-button in order to store it. This will trigger an export of the shipment to the ChannelEngine API and will ensure the order be closed on ChannelEngine's end.

The alternative is that you create the shipments manually in ChannelEngine - either way a shipment will always need to be created in order to set an order as completed (and stop any stock reservations if applicable).

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