Logic4: how to setup VAT type on orders

In order to get the correct VAT type / percentage for orders in Logic4, multiple steps need to be taken to set this up.

Set correct VAT type on products

Make sure that products in ChannelEngine have the correct VAT type listed. If you use a product feed, any percentage above 15% will result in marking the product as 'Standard' VAT. Below 15% will be marked as reduced.

Set VAT settings in ChannelEngine

If no VAT settings are filled in in ChannelEngine, we will fallback on the VAT id's that are set as the 'default' VAT ids. If you want to make sure that Belgian customers get a reduced VAT rate of 6% on orders and Dutch customers get a reduced rate of 9%, it will be necessary to enter both a Belgian and Dutch VAT number in ChannelEngine. A detailed guide on how that set that up, can be found here.

Fill in the correct VAT codes in the Logic4 plugin settings

Once you've added the VAT numbers for countries you want to have VAT correctly set, there should be country-specific VAT settings visible in the 'Setup'-tab of your Logic4 plugin.

If you do not know the specific id's / codes for the values you want to be set, you can find a list of available codes and their meaning here. Generally speaking, if you want to split orders correctly between Dutch and Belgian orders you could use the following settings:

  • VAT NL high ID: 32
  • VAT NL low ID: 37
  • VAT BE high ID: 32
  • VAT BE low ID: 23
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