LVB fulfillment shipments

For we support the creation / pre-registration of fulfillment shipments (Logistiek via Through this part of the ChannelEngine web interface, you can (pre-)register a shipment of items you want to place in warehouse to be used as 'LVB stock'. 

You can find the option in the ChannelEngine dashboard > Products > Fulfillment shipments.

// Adding a fulfillment shipment (draft)

In the default overview when opening fulfillment shipments, you'll see all the shipments that have already been created and their status. 

  • If you want to add a new one, select the blue 'Add' button in the bottom left corner.
  • After adding a new shipment you need to select which of the 2 channels (or Amazon, in the future it's possible Amazon and CDiscount may also be included in this list) you want to register your LVB-shipment. 
  • Press 'Next' once your choice has been made.
  • In the next screen you can give your shipment a reference number (a value will be pre-generated, but you are free to change it), select the labeling type (print and attach it yourself, or let bol do it for a fee), and the fulfillment center (which currently only has 1 option: LVB).
  • Press 'Save & Next' once the desired options have been selected.
  • Now add the products (by searching for the merchant product number or EAN) and their quantity to the shipment. You'll also see a column labeled 'fulfillment by etc'. This indicates if this product is currently already sold as an 'LVB'-item. This is relevant because, in order to register incoming LVB-stock, a product(offer) has to have an active 'LVB' status at When you want to register products for LVB for the first time you have to use the button 'export first' before finalizing your shipment. 

  • It's also possible to upload a list by importing a CSV file. Please note:
    • This file needs to have only 2 columns: one for the merchant product number and one for the quantity of the items that will be shipped.
    • The merchant product numbers have to match the merchant products no are known in ChannelEngine and have to be in the current product selection for If you are using a production selection filter based on stock and the product you wish to ship does no longer match that filter, you will need to temporarily change your selection filter to make sure the product is included and exported to (even if the stock is zero).
  • Once all the products that you want to ship to have been successfully added (please double-check your list, as an input mistake is easily made), select 'Save & Next'.
  • In the last screen, you select the transporter for your shipment (all the main carriers and several smaller ones are available) and the exported delivery date including the hourly timeslot.
  • Select 'Finalize' to finish your fulfillment shipment.

Once all these steps are done the status of the shipment will be 'Draft'. As long as the export to bol has not been performed, it's still possible to make changes if products are not yet on LVB- status.

// Export first 

As already stated, products have to have an active offer on bol with the LVB fulfillment status, even if there is currently no active LVB stock available. If you have products that are currently not marked as 'Fulfillment by' you can use the 'Export first' button. This will set a fixed fulfillment override in the background, causing the product offers for all products in your shipment to be exported as LVB in the next offer export to

If we get the feedback that all relevant products are indeed set to LVB, you will get a notification and the option to "Export" the actual shipment. Once that has been acknowledged by, the fixed fulfillment override for these products will disappear again and the regular fulfillment mapping becomes leading again.

Warning: If you don't perform the Export step or manually change the fulfillment of offers in the bol backend, the override will remain active resulting in possible unwanted effects. Please make sure you follow all the steps when creating fulfillment steps.

// Exported

Once successful, the status will change to 'Exported'.