Smart Shopping Campaigns

With Smart Shopping campaigns, your existing product feed and assets are combined with Google’s machine learning to show a variety of ads across networks. 

Link to a Merchant Center account, set a budget, upload assets, and set the country of sale. Google's systems will get the product data from ChannelEngine and test different combinations of the image and text, then show the most relevant ads across Google networks, including the Google Search Network, the Google Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail. 

To help you get the best value from each ad, Google also automates ad placement and bidding for maximum conversion value at your given budget.

To take part in our pilot, there are currently some requirements. You need at least:

  • A working Google Shopping integration in ChannelEngine
  • A Merchant Center account that uses the product feed generated by ChannelEngine
  • An Ads account that is linked to your Merchant Center account.

Authorize ChannelEngine

To manage your smart shopping campaigns directly from ChannelEngine, you will have to authorize ChannelEngine to access your Merchant Center and Ads accounts.
The process of authorizing ChannelEngine is shown in the steps below.

This process will not affect any existing Merchant Center settings or Ads Campaigns.

Go to the setup page of the Google Shopping Channel and click on Authorize

1. Sign in with the email that has access to Google Merchant Center

2. Sign in with the email that has access to Google Ads

3. Select a pair of linked Merchant Center and Ads accounts.

4. Authorize ChannelEngine to manage your account

Revoking Access

Should you want to revoke ChannelEngine's access to your Google (merchant) account, navigate to 'Profile' > 'Google Account' > 'Security' > 'Third-party apps with account access' > 'Manage third-party access'. By clicking on 'ChannelEngine' on the next page, you can see the current access and also use the big blue button labelled "Remove Access" to revoke our access to your Google account.

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