Product images

An image, just like a product feed, has to be an online resource which is (publically) available. The reason for this is that every marketplace requires one or more image Url's from where they will download the image when creating or update product content.

A valid URL-location would be like displayed in the above example: http(s)://

Please note: by default we will always use your image URL for forwarding to marketplaces, not the images that are visible in ChannelEngine.

Requirements/recommendations for product images:

  • Most marketplaces require a minimum resolution for images of 500px by 500px. If your images are smaller, they will be rejected for content purposes.
  • Most marketplaces have a maximum allowed resolution for images of 5000px by 5000px. If your images are bigger, some channels will reject them.
  • Images need to be publically reachable. Therefore, only http(s) URL's without username & password / basic authentication are allowed.
  • The 'main' image needs to have a white background. Most marketplaces will only accept the main image containing just the product with a white background. Additional product images may contain different backgrounds / other items / angles in order to show an impression.