how do I group product variants?

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Disconnecting a variant from the family

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When creating new content for you might have products that come in several variants, like several sizes of a t-shirt, several sizes of a pair of shoes, or a mobile phone cover in 5 different colors, you might want to have them all selectable as an option on a product page. To 'group' these together (so the other variants can be selected from the same product page), requires them to be marked in the same "product family". More information on product families can be found on's website.

There are a few requirements for making a product family.

// Requirements

Before you can group variants of the same product in one family, there are some requirements that need to be met: 

  • All products in the 'family' have a unique EAN on
  • All products are categorized on product type and have their minimal required product information filled.
  • Products must have the same brand.
  • All products have an attribute that is defining for the family (like size or color) correctly filled in. 

Once this is the case you will need to map the 'Productvariant ID' which can be found under 'Content mappings > All products'.

Please note: This field should be mapped with the unique id of the parent product. Usually, the Parent SKU is the correct field to map here.

// Disconnecting a variant from the family

Currently, it's not possible to disconnect a variant from its family through the API, if this for whatever reason is what you desire then this will have to be done manually through your seller dashboard.

  1. Select a product in "Mijn artikelen"
  2. Click on "Bewerk varianten"
  3. Click the "Ontkoppel" button.