BackMarket marketplace guide

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Commercial Info
How to request an account + costs
Channel features
Channel setup
    Specific Backmarket settings/configuration
    Listed products
Channel-specific F.A.Q / issues

// Commercial Info

Active in: Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, United Kingdom, The Netherlands
Monthly visitors: > 8 million
Commission: € 50,- + 10% commission 
Payment: -
Product categories: Refurbished electronic devices & home appliances
Input language: Depends on the chosen country 
Input currency: EUR
Content creation: Yes

// How to request an account + costs

Selling online on BackMarket is an easy and effective way to reach potential buyers interested in refurbished electronics. Whether you have to sell a little or sell a lot, BackMarket provides you with the required tools and experience to sell online successfully. To sell on BackMarket's marketplace you need to have a seller account. You can request one here

Besides, the cost of creating a BackMarket seller account is €50 per month. Additionally, BackMarket charges a 10% commission regardless of the (type of) product. 

During the account creation, you need to set up your own 'shop' in BackMarket with your own company name, logo, VAT number and many other fields. Moreover, you can select the languages for your business description and for the invoices. 

// Channel Features

Supported Not supported
Product offers (connect to existing content via EAN or Backmarket Id) Repricing
Product content External fulfillment
Cancellations (merchant)  
Returns (merchant)  
Product variations (sizes / colors)  
Carrier mapping

// Channel setup

Setting up every channel in ChannelEngine follows the same steps/flow:

// Specific BackMarket settings/configuration

// / Setup:

To connect ChannelEngine to BackMarket you first need to follow the next steps as displayed below:

In BackMarket
  1. On the Seller Portal, go to 'Options' in the top menu. On the bottom of the page, you should introduce your account password and push the button. BackMarket will emit an access token for the API.

This token will give you access to the BackMarket API which is needed for ChannelEngine to connect. It will remain the same as long as you don’t change your password. You should request a new token every time you change your password (don't forget to update the token in ChannelEngine as well!).

In ChannelEngine:

  1. Go to the 'Setup' section in the BackMarket channel settings in ChannelEngine.
  2. Fill in the API access token previously provided by BackMarket.

/ Categorisation:

For selling your products on the BackMarket marketplace, you first need to map your categories to the marketplace categories. To do so, select the BackMarket channel in the dashboard, and go to the ' Categorisation' section in the top tab.

Most categories are pretty straightforward, but please note the name of certain appliance groups might require some translation from French / German to English.

// / Mapping:


The number of required attributes (on 'All Products') varies based on the countries that are enabled. There are 3 'base' attributes and 3 language-based attributes.

  • Brand - this is the brand or manufacturer of the product (example: AEG).
  • Image 1 - the location of the primary product image.
  • Weight - the weight of the product in grams.

Country-based attributes:

  • Description - the main product description for your product in the selected language / country.
  • Price new - the recommended retail price / MSRP for your product.
  • Title -  the name or product title of the item.

For each distinct category, a few other attributes may be required like the model name / type and the specific function (e.g. Microwave oven, microwave oven with grill, etc).

Optional attributes include additional product images, product dimensions and colour.


There are a number of offer attributes required for BackMarket, from which 3 are fixed and 2 are based on the selected languages/countries. Also, you will need to either map the EAN or the Backmarket ID field which are marked as 'Optional', but you will need to supply at least 1 of both in order to connect your offer to (content)data on Backmarket.

  • SKU - your own unique product identifier (usually the Merchant product number you use in ChannelEngine).
  • State - the condition of the product. Please note that BackMarket has fairly unique conditions like 'Gold', 'Shiny', and 'Stallone'.
  • Price before (re)price rules - this is the standard price attribute visible for all channels. However, this will currently not be applied due to pricing per country being enabled.

Attributes per country:

  • Price - the price you wish to sell your products for. Please note that currently price rules will not be applied.
  • Warranty delay - the supplied warranty period in months (so 12 months is a value of 12). 6 months is the minimum.

The optional attributes might seem a bit strange (you can map several default shippers and their shipping costs), but the ' price of the deee' refers to the " Déchets d’Equipements Electriques et Electroniques (". This is basically the recycling fee for products that are sold in France. 

Important: It's mandatory for either the EAN or the Backmarket ID to be mapped as an offer attribute. Without either, the offer can't be connected to the product information / content on Backmarket.

It is mandatory for BackMarket to set up carrier mapping because the specific carrier tags have to be submitted to BackMarket. 

Please note: PostNL still has it's old carrier designation - TNT. If your carrier is not listed (like BPost for example), you can use 'TRANSPORTEUR PRIVE' instead.

/ Pricing:

If you want to differentiate pricing per Backmarket country, you might want to create and use separate price attributes and map these as the input for the respective Price (Country) fields. Currency conversion is not needed, you can map the used currency as an optional currency attribute (EUR is the default currency).

/ Listed products:

Unfortunately, BackMarket does not offer detailed content and offer status information like some other channels. Therefore you can only see limited validation information in the listed product section for this channel. If the API-call is accepted a product will be listed as ' Published' if a validation error occurs (required attributes not filled for example) the status will be 'None'.

// Channel-specific F.A.Q / issues

My products do not have an EAN, how can I get these online on Backmarket?

The creation of (your) content is separate from the offers. If you do not use EAN's (we always advise to use EAN's though), you can use the unique Backmarket product Id that's created when a product is created (similar to Amazon's ASIN for example). If neither (EAN or Backmarket ID) is supplied, the offer can't be connected to a product and you will see an error in the Listed Product section.