FNAC marketplace

--- Commercial info

Active in: France (as well as Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, and Portugal)
Monthly visitors: ~ 12 million
Commission: €39.90 monthly + 6-16% commission per sale (category dependent)
Payment: Paid automatically every 5 days
Product categories: Electronics, Games, Media, Books, Home & Garden and more
Input language: French (but also depends on the selected countries)
Input currency: EUR 
Content creation: Yes

--- How to request an account + costs

Selling online on FNAC is an easy and effective way to reach millions of potential buyers. Whether you have to sell a little or sell a lot, FNAC provides you the required tools and experience to sell online successfully. Read more about the benefits and advantages of being a professional seller on FNAC. FNAC is an 'open' marketplace so everyone can request an account, requesting a seller account can be done here. Please read the terms of service before requesting an account, you can find the specific commission for each category as well in article 2.5: http://www4.fnac.com/Help/cgv-fnac-marketplace?NID=-11&RNID=-11&bl=foot

Creating an account is free, but there is a monthly fee of € 39.99 (excl VAT) if there are sales. Additionally, FNAC charges an extra commission for products sold. The commission percentage varies depending on the type of product. (6-16%). 

--- Channel Features

Supported Not supported 
Product offers Repricing
Product content External fulfillment
Orders Product variations (sizes / colors) - will be added in the future
Shipments (including carrier mapping) Full returns
Refunds (merchant)

--- Channel setup

Setting up every channel in ChannelEngine follows the same steps / flow:

--- Specific FNAC settings/configuration


FNAC uses a hybrid solution for their marketplace, using the 'Mirakl'-platform (which is also used by Blokker, Coolshop, fonQ, Wupti, etc) for content handling and a custom system for order handling. Therefore some more credentials are required as for other marketplaces. 

  • The Mirakl API Key - The API key can be found by selecting your account name in the top right corner and selecting ‘API key’ in the left side menu.

  • The Mirakl shop Id - This can be found in the FNAC backend. Go to 'My Account' > 'Settings'. It will be displayed at the top next to 'My shop account'. This will usually be a number between 1000 and 100000.

  • The FNAC Shop Id - Please contact your account manager at FNAC for this Id.

  • Is qualified seller? - Enable this if you are a qualified seller (and are allowed to create or update content) - if you are not, you can not use the mappings for example.

  • Relais Collis client Id - If you use this as your carrier / shipment method, please fill in your client Id. If you use a different carrier (like PostNL, DPD, GLS, DHL, Fedex)  this can remain empty.


If you want to create or update content (like for your products that are currently unknown on FNAC): Please 'map' your own categories to the category list from FNAC. Please note that their category list is in French and no English (or other language) variant is available at the moment, so you might need a tool like Google translate / Deepl for finding the right category if you are not a French-speaker. To see all possible FNAC categories, use the " Browse" button on the lower left hand corner of the 'Categorisation' page.



When creating new content for FNAC only a few attributes are mandatory under ' All products' - please note that column names come directly from FNAC and are in French:

  • Constructeur Vendeur - name of the manufacturer / name of the brand
  • EAN - EAN / GTIN
  • Libellé - the name of the product / product title
  • SKU - the SKU / merchant product number
  • Visuel Principal - the main image for your product

The additional attributes are all meant for extra product images (FNAC has a maximum amount of 4 product images in total).

Some required attributes will be visible on the mappings for the individual product types. These additional required and optional attributes (like the " Description complémentaire" - description) will be mappable here. This is also were you can set attributes like color, size, material and the target audience.


It is mandatory to map 2 offer attributes: price (before price rules) and the product state. Please note that your conditions (product state) will have to be mapped to the specific allowed values from FNAC. The possible values are:

  • Collection product as new
  • Collection product in correct state
  • Collection product in good state
  • Collection product in very good state
  • Product is new
  • Product is refurbished
  • Used product in correct state
  • Used product as new
  • Used product in good state
  • Used product in very good state

There are also some other optional attributes you can map, like the amount of extra days for shipping (but the default maximum allowed shipping time is 25 days).


Carrier mapping is mandatory for FNAC. They use a small list of selected carriers that are allowed. If your carrier is not in this list, please map to 'Other' in order to have shipments successfully submitted to FNAC.


If you want to sell on the FNAC marketplace and you use a default currency other than EUR, you can use a currency conversion to convert prices to Euro's.

It is possible to use price rules for your products, repricing is not possible for FNAC

Warning: FNAC requires a minimum price of € 0.89 for your products - if you have a price of 0 or lower than 0.89, it will not get online.


Please note that all required credentials for FNAC will be needed in order to activate the channel.

--- Channel specific F.A.Q / issues

  • Why are the mappings blank?

    If you are not a 'qualified seller' (and / or didn't enable this setting on the Setup page) a lot of features of FNAC are not available. This includes any content creation or updating. Therefore if this setting is not enabled, you will not see any products on the 'Content mappings' page even though you created a product selection and categorised these products.