Channels: Currency conversion

Currency conversion can be used for channels that use a currency other than your own default currency. Please note that just as price rules, this is (only) applied to the standard 'price' attribute in ChannelEngine.

Please note: By default you have 1 'standard' price field in a specific currency. This currency is set on your account, but isn't changeable by users. If you want to change your default account currency, please contact us on

The exchange rates for all currencies are retrieved once a day at the European Central Bank (they only update the rate once a day as well). If you are wondering about the actual rates used, you can see these on the website of the ECB.

Another word of notice: most marketplaces accept one price in one currency. There are however some exceptions (like Spartoo) which use separate price fields per country. Unfortunately, for these separate fields, no price rules or currency conversion can be applied.