fee reductions

ChannelEngine has the option to take advantage of commission reductions from may give commission reductions to the sale of heavily discounted products by its partners. For eligibility, please refer to the website (Dutch). If the reduction of the fee is bigger than the gap from your current price to the maximum price level, it can be a good way to get more sales and increase the profit margin on this specific product.

To use the feed reductions in ChannelEngine, navigate to a plugin in your account > Pricing > Fee reductions.

There you will see an overview of all products that currently have a fee reduction option and are in your online products offers at The overview includes several columns with information:

  • Image - this is a tiny preview of the main product image.
  • Merchant product number - your unique product id / SKU which makes the product unique in ChannelEngine.
  • EAN - the EAN / GTIN number of your product.
  • Name - the name of your product.
  • Purchase price - the known purchase price for your product
  • Original price - the default sale price that's known for your product. This is excluding price rules, repricing or price overrides.
  • Price + price rules + shipping costs - this price is an approximation / cached price that was last exported. However, the actual combined price at the moment of viewing may differ. We deliberately do not calculate this realtime for all products as they would make the overview a lot slower.
  • Max price - this is the maximum price to be eligible for the fee reduction. If the exported price for your offer is lower or equal to this max price, the fee reduction is applied. If it's higher, will charge it's regular commission over a sale for this product.

  • Activate - if your current "Price + price rules + shipping costs" price is higher than the "Max price", you will see a play button. If you press this play button, you will automatically set a price override equal to the max price on your product. Please note that repricing or price rules or shipping costs will no longer be applied, as the override is fixed. If you enable a fee reduction, the play button will switch to a stop button and the background colour for this cell will change.
  • The list for price - this column is sort of connected to "Activate". It contains the price override once the activate has been enabled. It is possible to change the override value (or manually disable this override, although this is strongly unrecommended) to a lower or rounded value.
  • Fee reduction - the amount of commission reduction Bol offers when dropping to the max price. 
  • Begin date - the date the reduction became active at Please note that usually fee reductions for items only run for 3-4 weeks.
  • End date - the end date to which the reduction is available at After that period, the regular commission will reapply (although the reduction may be renewed) and any applied fee reduction override will be disabled automatically.
  • Actions - shows the details of a product by pressing the eye icon. Allows selection of multiple items using the checkbox. This way it is possible to use 'Activate' or 'Deactivated' on multiple items at once.

Please note: If the overview is completely empty and you do have a product selection, it might be that no import for the fee reductions is scheduled or has yet been run. Please contact us via to check and resolve this.

If you're using a reprice rule with the Target Buy box option on, it is not recommended to use fee reductions, because the price for the fee reductions will be used instead of the output of the reprice rule.

Filter options

By default, the fee reduction overview will be sorted based on the ChannelEngine product id in descending order (which is the Product new-old filter sort). However, there are multiple sorting options available which can be selected in the top left corner:

  • Product new-old
  • Begin date (of the reduction) high-low
  • Begin date (of the reduction) low-high
  • End date (of the reduction) high-low
  • End date (of the reduction) low-high
  • Margin % (the calculated percental difference between your purchase price and regular sale price) high-low
  • Margin (the absolute difference between your purchase price and regular sale price) high-low
  • Price difference (between your current price and the max price) low-high
  • Reduction (the actual amount of commission in EUR that bol will not charge) high-low

You can also filter the available products with possible fee reductions by:

  • Active - this will only show products with an active fee reduction.
  • Max. price lower - this will hide all products for which you already have a lower price thus are getting the fee reduction.
  • Not active - this will show all products without an active fee reduction override.

It's also possible to search for a specific product or group of products by submitting the (partial) Merchant product no or EAN in the search field.

Once a fee reduction / price override is enabled, the price for your product will be updated on (usually within 15 minutes). Once that new price is active, all new sales for that product will have the fee reduction applied until the reduction period is passed and the regular price (with possible price rules / repricing) is exported again.