Notification inbox

Every time 'actions' are performed by ChannelEngine (think about exporting offers or content to a channel, or processing a new order), this action might result in an error or notifications. While errors are logged in ChannelEngine's own error log, notifications will be logged in your own account. You can find them in the notification inbox.

This inbox is similar to a mailbox in regard that on the left you'll find an overview of all stored notifications for your account. By selecting a message, its contents will be shown in the middle. On the right (and in the top left corner) you can perform actions such as deleting it, marking it unread, or skipping to the next or previous message.

Currently, notifications are used for giving an overview of a few types of notifications:

  • Orders (examples: new order, address correction required, order overdue, order anonymized, failed export)
  • Returns (examples: new return, return cancelled, failed return import)
  • Shipments (examples: failed shipment export)
  • Feeds (examples: failed conversion, failed feed validation)
  • General (examples: invalid setting, custom messages, important notifications (from CE))

Open notification inbox

You can open the notification inbox by clicking on the 'message' icon at the top of your ChannelEngine interface. The red label with the number in it displays the number of unread notifications. By selecting 'View all posts' in the notification popup, you can open the notification inbox.

Enable / disable notification messages

You can select if you want to receive notifications in your user settings (so not the global account settings). To go to these settings, select your name in the top right corner and select 'Settings'.

At the top of the page, you'll see the option to enable/disable 'Two-step verifications'. Right below that you can toggle per notification type if you want to receive an email per notification (please note that if your account get's a lot of orders, you might receive a lot of separate emails from us), one email per day with all selected notifications aggregated, or only the notifications in the notification center. If you unselect all options for a specific type of notification, it will still be there but you will not see it (as it will be filtered). If another user with access to your account has enabled notifications for this specific type, that user will see the notifications for this type.

Sticky / ChannelEngine notifications

In some situations, ChannelEngine will create a notification informing you of upcoming maintenance (either for our services, but could also be for specific marketplaces) or other relevant information. If this applies the notification section will be colored red and the specific notification will be 'sticky' (so it remains on top). Once the set end date is passed, it will become a normal notification and go down in the regular list of notifications.