Channels: Listed products

Once you have activated a channel, one of the most important sections in ChannelEngine is the ' Listed Products' tab in the channel menu. 

This overview may be a little overwhelming at first because it contains a lot of information. Below all the separate sections are explained in detail:

Search bar & filter options

At the top of the 'Listed Product' overview, you will see a search bar. Use this if you want to filter on one or more specific products by entering a (partial) identifier like a EAN or MerchantProductNo. To the right of the search bar you can see 3 drop downs with specific filter options:

  • Export action - this (optional) filter allows you to filter on the 'action' that will be performed on the next export. A product can be 'Created' (it hasn't been exported yet), 'Updated' (it has been created in the past so will be updated if applicable) or 'Deleted' (the product no longer complies to any product selection filter and will be removed from the channel in the next export).
  • Export status - this (optional) filter allows you to filter on the current 'status' of the export (of the products). This is similar as the action (and normally follows the same status), but has on additional status:  "Failed to create". This state will occur if for some reason the export of the products is rejected / unsuccessful. On the next export a retry will happen (the action will remain 'Create') and unless there is some permanent issue, this is not a state you will see often.
  • Channel status - this (optional) filter allows you to filter on the reported 'status' of the product(s) on the channel itself. The possible states can vary per channel (some use a direct API-call respons, some use a feedback file that is generated and read every x hours). The most common states will be 'none' (it hasn't been exported yet or there is no feedback from the channel), 'published' (the channel reports the product is active) or 'not published' (the product is not listed for a specific reason).

'Show' settings

Because there is a lot of possible information to show and space is limited, by default only the " Content" information is displayed in the overview (next to the product image, details and the date of the last update). If you want to see the last "Offer" information for example (which displays the price & stock that were exported, and the price & stock the channel reports), you can show or hide that information by selecting the corresponding option in the top right corner. 

By selecting the " Show price override settings" you get to the option to set 'hard' price overrides. If you enable this and enter a value, this new value will be the price that's being exported regardless of any price rules or repricing. 


Below the section containing the search bar, filter options and 'show' settings, there are a few more "filters" that you could use if desired. By default all of these filters will be set to 'All', but if you want to filter on products that have a 'catalog price' or if they aren't repriced you can switch these settings by selecting them.

CSV Export

On the right side of the filters you can find the option to export all of the results to a CSV / Excel-file. This can be useful in case you want to see a complete overview and do manipulations on it in Excel (or similar software).

The (listed) product overview

Below all the previously mentioned filter options is the actual listed product grid. This grid is composed off several columns (which can vary depending on the selected "show setting"). These columns contain a lot of (possible) information which will be explained in detail below.

Default columns (these will always be visible):

  • Image - this column will show a very little thumbnail of the product.
  • Details - this column will show the name / title of the product on the first row. On the second row the MerchantProductNo (SKU) and the product EAN / GTIN will be shown, separated by a | character.
  • Last import from channel - this will display the date and time of the last feedback we got from the channel regarding the product. This can be from a feedback-rapport or API-call.
  • Actions - this will give you options like navigating to the product details page in ChannelEngine (by clicking in the 'eye' icon).
Content columns (visible if 'Content' setting is enabled):

Export from ChannelEngine columns

  • Action - this is the action that will be performed on the next export. This can be applicable on both the offer or data export, depending on the marketplace and what type of connection it uses. Regardless of what type of export it will be referring to, the actions will be the same:
    • CREATE - on the next export, the product (offer) will be created (or at least the export will try to create the product)
    • UPDATE - the product (offer) has been exported once to create it and all changes will be exported as an update.
    • DELETE - the product (offer) does no longer comply to any product selection filter and will be removed (or at least the export will try to delete the product)
    • RETRY OFFER / RETRY DATA - an error occurred in the previous export or a manual export has been triggered. This is not an action you should see often.
  • Status - this is the status returned after the last action was performed. Usually this corresponds exactly with the previous action, but in some distinct cases this can differ. Please note that these states are no definitive and an indication of the current status. For example: we can successfully submit a productoffer to bol for a product which will be accepted (200 OK) by their API. Therefor the status will be CREATED or UPDATED. However, should it turn out to be an offer for an EAN currently has no known product for, the 'Last import from channel' status will be NOT PUBLISHED. 

    Possible states:
    • CREATED - the product (offer) was created (there was no immediate error during the export / there was a response the creation was accepted).
    • UPDATED - the product (offer) was updated.
    • DELETED - the product (offer) was removed from the channel (there was no immediate error during the export / there was a response the deletion was accepted).
    • FAILED TO CREATE - either there was an issue during the export, the channel refused the product (offer) or it did not pass validation before exporting. An example for the latter scenario is displayed below:- The first product had an EAN that did not pass EAN validation (so for example 000000 was entered, where an EAN13 like 8715342024592 was expected.To prevent an error on the side of the marketplace, this product has preemptively been filtered out before exporting.
      - The second product has an exported price of 0, which would not be accepted by the marketplace. To prevent an error at the marketplace, this product was also preemptively filtered out before exporting.
  • Reason - this field is almost always empty, but for some distinct channels this is used to display error reasons during the export.
  • Date - this will display the date and time the the last data export for this product has been performed.

Last import from channel columns

  • Status - this will list the actual state the channel has reported for your product (if the channel supports any feedback). While this may appear similar to the 'Status' of the "Export from ChannelEngine" section, this can vary.

    Possible values:
    • NONE - either there is no feedback from the channel yet, or the channel does not offer any feedback reports.
    • PUBLISHED - the product (offer) was published and your product should be online on the marketplace.
    • NOT PUBLISHED - the product (offer) was not published for some reason. The reason for not publishing is usually listed right next to it in the 'Reason' field.
    • UNKNOWN - we received feedback from the marketplace, but it contained no information on this specific product (for some channels this will lead to NOT PUBLISHED instead).
    • UNDER REVIEW - in some cases a product will first be 'reviewed' before it is actually published on the marketplace. For example Wish uses a review system.
    • INVALID - this is usually a status we will label the product with, as the product did not pass validation before exporting (like having an invalid EAN or a price of 0).
    • BEWAREthis icon will be shown before the status label, to inform you that there has been a more recent export than the current status of the channel is received. This means that whatever status is labeled, might not be applicable, there is no way of being sure until a new report for your product has been received.
  • Reason - this will list the specific reason (error or warning) the channel returned when trying the last action like creating or updating. By selecting the small 'table' icon in the top right corner of the reason field, you can see a bigger popup listing all the applicable product warnings and errors. Some common reasons you might see:
    • UNMATCHED_OFFER - this is an error from stating an offer can not be created (at the time of the last offer export). This can be because either the EAN is completely unknown (so no product exists yet with that EAN), or there exists a product with the supplied EAN but it is currently missing some mandatory information so can't be placed online.
    • Product not in offer file / Product not found in inventory report - the product (offer) was reported successfully exported through an API-connection. However when receiving the product report from the marketplace, the product was not listed in the report (so it will most likely not be listed). This can have various causes, some examples:
      - the report (which usually is only generated once per hour) was generated before the export of the offer.
      - the product (offer) was exported, but has been removed again (manually).
      - there was an error processing the product (offer) in the marketplace backend which caused the product to not be listed.

      Usually this status and reason will automatically be fixed after a while / the next export, but if this status remains visible for a longer period of time (like 3+ hours), please contact our support team.
    • INVALID EAN / SIZE / PRICE - the product (offer) was not exported because a required attribute has no or an illegal value.
    • Category required - the product (offer) was not exported, because the mandatory category / product type was not mapped.
    • SKU related error (Amazon) - the specific reason description can vary, but the cause is usually the same. The SKU (MerchantProductNo) is the unique identifier for offers at Amazon. It is not possible to change this (or the EAN or ASIN it refers to) and if you delete an offer for a specific SKU, you can not re-use that in the next 24 hours.
    • Stock reserved for pending orders - this error can occur when you only have 2 or a few items in stock and there are open orders for these items. Because of both our own as's stock reservation (which will be optional in the future) a stock of 2 can lead to a stock of 1 being exported, which in turn leads to stock 0 and thus this error.
Offer columns (visible if 'Offer' setting is enabled):

Export from ChannelEngine columns

  • Price w/o shipping costs - this column will show the last exported price (without shipping costs). Shipping costs are only added on this price if they are set on a product and the channel does not have a separate field for shipping costs (like
  • Stock - the last exported stock quantity. If the fulfillment is set to a marketplace like FBA or LVB, a label depicting that will be shown.
  • Date - the last date and time the (offer) export was performed. Please note that offers are always incremental, so an update for a product will only be sent if something (like the stock or price) has actually changed.

Last import from channel columns

  • Price - this column will show the reported price by the marketplace. Please note that if you change your price, it will not be immediately be visible in this column as well. As feedback report are usually generated once per hour, it can take a while before updated. If the price differs for longer than 3 hours, the update might have failed. Please contact our support team in that case.
  • Stock - the last imported stock quantity. As with the price, it can vary when a stock update has just been submitted. Next to that, in case of they currently also reserve stock. So if 1 item is sold and you have a stock of 3, the first stock column will display 2 (3 minus a reservation of 1 done by ChannelEngine) and the second column a stock of 1 (2 minus of reservation of 1 by Bol will make their stock reservation optional in the nearby future.
Show price override settings column

By enabling this column you can set a fixed overwrite price. In the label next to the price field, you can see the percentile change in regard to the original price.

Warning: If you enable price overrides this will cause price rules, repricing and other price manipulation to be completely ignored. The price you set = the price that's being exported.