ChannelEngine: activation

About this document

This document describes the channel activation process.


Once all other steps are completed under each section and tab in the channel's menu, you can start the synchronization between ChannelEngine and the channel.

To do so, go to the Activation section, where you can see an overview of all the configured settings, filters, rules, and mappings that are required and/or recommended. The number of options and requirements listed varies per channel.

If required settings such as API keys and authorization tokens are left empty, or if there is no product filter, you cannot activate a channel. This validation is necessary, as there is no value in activating tasks without proper authorization or content.

Activate the synchronization for a channel by toggling the slider on the right hand side.

NB: disabling the synchronization for a channel does not automatically remove products from it or prevent orders from being placed on it. Channels only stop executing automated tasks, such as exporting your offers, generating a feed, and importing orders.
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