There are 2 possible scenario's for handling an order: shipping it, or cancelling it. Therefor, cancellations work in a similar way as shipments do.

If you want to handle cancellations via the ChannelEngine interface, open an order to see the details. Below the order section, you will see 2 options: ‘ Create shipment’ or ‘Create cancellation’. Choose "create cancellation" and a 'popup' will open. Here you can fill in the reason of the cancellation, an optional cancellation comment and a merchant cancellation number. This is normally the unique number of the cancellation in your own order management system (so this will make it easier to find the cancellation on a later date). 

Don’t have a merchant number? You can also fill in the order number or any other unique number, as long as it is unique (so you can't use 123 for every cancellation for example - it has to be 123, 124, 125 etc).

Cancellation requested

While most marketplaces do not support cancellations once the order has been paid and 'released' (channels such as Amazon and Mirakl-based channels such as Blokker & Coolshop have a processing period of around 20-30 minutes in which the order can still be cancelled), there currently is one exception: Also note that cancellations are not the same as returns in this context - returns can only be done on actual shipments.

As long as an order is not yet ‘completed’ (shipped), offers the option for customers to cancel the order. If this happens, the order will NOT be immediately cancelled in ChannelEngine unless it still has the status “New” and it isn’t retrieved by your shop yet. Once that is the case and the status is “In progress”, we don’t know the situation in your logistical processing so we can/will never cancel the order.

Instead of a direct cancellation, we’ll display a flag in ChannelEngine stating that a cancellation has been requested.

If you see this status (it is also retrievable via our API) and the order is not yet in a stage in your logistical process where it can’t be cancelled anymore (e.g. ready for shipping / shipped), we suggest cancelling the order through the regular cancellation method. If the shipment can not be stopped anymore, please consult the customer / marketplace in order to get the items processed as a return.