Whats the difference between offers and content?

In the mapping options in ChannelEngine you will see both a tab labeled ' content mappings' as a tab labeled 'offer mappings'. 

The main difference between offers and content is that an 'offer' generally speaking is your price and stock attached to an existing product. 'content' is exporting your product information to create or update the information of a product.


To use an example to further explain what an offer is and how it differs from content: let's say you want to sell a specific lamp that's already available on bol.com and has EAN 1234567890123. By including this product (with the same EAN of course) in your product selection filter for bol.com and mapping your price and shipping time (your stock will automatically be added), an 'offer' will be submitted to bol stating you want to sell the product with EAN 1234567890123 for your set price and delivery time. No other information is required, as the product and it's information already exists on the channel.

Say the product already had 4 sellers, you will now be added to the seller list so the product now has 5 sellers. This is basically how it works for all channels with a centralized product information database (for example bol.com, Amazon, CDiscount, Blokker, Coolshop, etc).

For channels without a centralized product database (for example eBay, Wish and Spartoo) 'offers' will still be used to update the price and stock of products, but a product won't be created until a product data export with all relevant product information has been exported. 

Typical 'offer' attributes: 

  • Price (before (re)price rules)
  • Catalog price / MSRP (often used to indicate a 'from' price on a channel)
  • Shipping time
  • Shipping costs
  • Type of fulfillment (are you shipping the item yourself, or does it use external fulfillment like LVB, FBA or FBC)
  • Condition (is the product 'new' or does it have a different condition)
  • Search terms / bullet points (in case of Amazon)
  • Stock (but you can not map this - ChannelEngine will always add this automatically by taking your current submitted stock minus pending orders)


Content is really just the generic product information describing the product. If a product does not yet 'exist' or has invalid or incomplete product information you might want to upload / export this information. Please make sure your product information is neutral and generic. If you include specific seller-related information such as your return policy in the description or title, channels will refuse your content.

Typical 'content' attributes:

  • Product name / title
  • Description
  • ProductImage
  • EAN / GTIN
  • MerchantProductNo / SKU
  • Color 
  • Size
  • Category
  • Brand
Please note: While technically being 'offer' attributes, some channels such as Amazon or Spartoo have some of these offer attributes listed on the content mapping because they are included in their product data export.