Channels: Offer mapping

While categorisation, content mapping and carrier mapping can be optional for a channel, offer mapping will always be available and necessary. For most channels setting the 'Price before (re)price rules' will be the only required attribute (and already mapped with your default price attribute), but this can vary per channel. If you want more information on what the difference is between offers and content, please check the following article.

Figure 1: Example of an offer mapping screen - in this case from

One of the most important options in this screen (that will always be available regardless of the channel) is the option to map your 'Price'. By default this will be mapped to your regular 'Price' attribute in ChannelEngine, but should you want to use a custom price field for this channel this is an option. Also note that the price attribute that is mapped, will be subject to price rules and repricing if enabled / applicable for your channel.

In the example shown above you can also see a mapping for the 'fulfillment override' (which indicates what type of fulfillment should be used - LVB or own fulfillment), the shipping time, the product condition and the shipping costs. Officially third party sellers are not allowed to submit shipping costs, but any value mapped on this field will be added to the final exported price.

Other possible offer attributes:

  • Catalog price / MSRP (often used to indicate a 'from' price on a channel)
  • Shipping time
  • Shipping costs
  • Type of fulfillment (are you shipping the item yourself, or does it use external fulfillment like LVB, FBA or FBC)
  • Condition (is the product 'new' or does it have a different condition)
  • Search terms / bullet points (in case of Amazon)

Stock is also an 'offer' attributes but is intentionally not mappable.