Channels: Setup

Once you've added a (new) channel, the first screen you'll see if the 'Setup' tab. This is where all the necessary credentials and settings needed to set up a connection with a channel will be displayed. Please note that the number of settings (and type of credentials) can vary entirely based on the channel. Some channels use API keys, some a username and password and others an OAuth-authentication system based on tokens.

We'll show 2 different examples below of common settings on this ' Setup' page:

example 1: eBay

In case of eBay you have to supply all sorts of information such as your eBay policy names, warehouse locations, if you want limit the stock amount exported (because eBay has sales limits based on the total value of submitted items), if you want to use localized SKU's per country, etc.

Furthermore, eBay uses OAuth authentication to give tokens needed to access their API. Therefore, you will see a button labelled 'Authorize' which will open a popup in which you'll have to log in on eBay and approve authorization. 

example 2:

In the case of this example (Bol), a public and private API key are used to set up a secure connection with the marketplace. In case of bol, there are also fields for supplying the FTP username and password if you want us to submit content files to and some other settings.

Please note that regardless of the type of authorization / connection a lot of these settings are mandatory in order to have the channel working. If a required setting is missing, you will either see a validation warning on the input field notifying you or otherwise you will be notified in the "Activation" tab.

Other options

On this same page a few other options are available as well:

  • Change the channel name and logo

    It's possible to change the default name and logo of a channel to one of your own choosing. This can be handy in case of 'custom' channels, but also if you have multiple accounts for the same channel and / or want to differentiate between multiple eBay countries.
  • The channel API key
    For most channels, this API key will not be visible as it isn't used for anything. However, in case of your own custom channel or a channel that's directly connected through our channel API (like V&D, HomeDeco or Refurbed), this is also the spot where you can find the API key these channels require in order to get products / shipments / cancellations and submit orders.

    Please note: this API-key is generated once when the channel is created and can not be changed. 
  • Enable automatic (VAT) invoices

    If you want to have (VAT) invoices send automatically every time an order is received, you can enable this on this page. However, please see the documentation on the requirements for this feature, as it requires you to enter your invoice, mail server and VAT-settings in order to work.
  • Removing the channel

    Should you wish to remove the channel, you will find the option here as well. Please note that deleting a channel will remove the channel and its tasks, but will not automatically remove products on the channel itself,