Adding a new user

When initially a ChannelEngine account is added usually one of a few account will be created for you. Should however the need arise later for additional users with access to your account, you can add more users via your ChannelEngine account. To do so go to 'Settings' > 'Users'. 

Here you will see an overview with all current users having access to your account. If you select the 'Add'-button on the top right side, you will be direct to a new page where you can fill in the users email address (mandatory) and first and last name (optional).

On this page you can also set the default language for the new user (this can always be changed later), it's user role and the tenant(s) it has access to. The tenants (accounts) shown are all the tenants currently listed for your company / organization. 

By pressing 'Add' on the bottom of the page the user will be created and a mail will automatically be send to the email address entered.