Why is the exported stock different from my own stock?

A very important thing to realize is that ChannelEngine 'reserves' stock in order to prevent the same item quantity from being sold on multiple marketplaces / channels. So if a product has a stock of 5 remaining and someone orders 2 of this product on a channel, we will deduct these 2 from the available stock and export '3' to all connected channels where this product is currently being exported to.

We will continue to reserve this stock until the status of the order containing this product is changed to 'Shipped', 'Closed' or 'Cancelled'. In case of 'New' or 'In progress' the order is not completed yet and the stock remains reserved. This is why it is very important to also handle shipments via ChannelEngine, otherwise we will not automatically close orders eventually leading to 'out of stocks' when all our known stock is sold and reserved.