User roles

As an account administrator you can create additional accounts/user roles to allow certain people within your organisation to view and/or edit, for example, only the orders within a ChannelEngine account.

In ChannelEngine navigate to ' Settings' > 'Users'. Fill in the required fields and click on 'Add' to create a new user.

Fill in the necessary fields (only the email address is required) and apply one or more user roles:

  • Administrator - Has no restrictions within an account and is allowed to create other users
  • Channel manager - Is allowed to view, add, edit and remove channels, create product listings and apply price rules per listing and/or channel
  • Content manager - Has the same possibilities of the channel manager and is allowed to create product filters and view statistics
  • Order manager - Can view and edit orders
  • Product manager - Can create product selection filters for channels

Once a user is added an email will be sent to the email address of the new user. With a link in this email the new user can activate his/her account within 24 hours and will be prompt to set a password. The new user will then be automatically logged in into ChannelEngine.

Please note: there currently is no 'read only' role for ChannelEngine yet (so the option to only be able to see section without the option to perform actions). This is a role that is planned for the future, but due to the way ChannelEngine works, not so easy to implement.