User roles

As an account administrator, you can create additional accounts/user roles to allow certain people within your organisation to view and/or edit, for example, only the orders within a ChannelEngine account.

In ChannelEngine navigate to ' Settings' > 'Users'. Fill in the required fields and click on 'Add' to create a new user.

Fill in the necessary fields (only the email address is required) and apply one or more user roles:

  • Administrator - Has no restrictions within an account and is allowed to create other users
  • Channel manager - Is allowed to view, add, edit and remove channels, create product listings and apply price rules per listing and/or channel
  • Content manager - Has the same possibilities of the channel manager and is allowed to create product filters and view statistics
  • Order manager - Can view and edit orders
  • Product manager - Can create product selection filters for channels

Once a user is added an email will be sent to the email address of the new user. With a link in this email, the new user can activate his/her account within 24 hours and will be prompt to set a password. The new user will then be automatically logged in into ChannelEngine.

There is also a sixth possible user role: Agency. This is not a role in itself but depicts that a user does not directly belong to your company, but does require access to your account(s). This role is meant for agencies or parties managing multiple accounts across multiple companies. 

Please note: The Agency role has no view rights of its own. In order for an agency user to have access to your account, you need to give it additional 'manager' rights!

Also note: there currently is no 'read only' role for ChannelEngine yet (so the option to only be able to see section without the option to perform actions). This is a role that is planned for the future, but due to the way ChannelEngine works, not so easy to implement.