CDiscount: why are my products not being listed?

A common setting customers tend to overlook is setting the different shipment methods and costs in ChannelEngine. This is however extremely important, because if the filled in shipment costs do not match the enabled shipment settings for a product, there will be no active offer for this product on CDiscount.

To configure and check the set shipping methods, go to 'Settings' > 'Your shipping choices' in CDiscounts backend.

In above image 3 methods are enabled: 'Standard', 'Tracked' and 'Registered'. 'Express' is disabled. To set this up the same way in ChannelEngine, go to the CDiscount channel in your account > Mappings > Offer mappings

As shown above, all 3 selected shipping methods (or modes as CDiscount calls them) have a value entered. Please note that the label for 'Standard' is Regular in ChannelEngine. The column for 'Express shipping cost' should remain empty / unmapped in this example.