Why aren't my products being repriced?

A common question we often get is "Why aren't my products repriced yet, the preview is showing a different price than is currently on the marketplace?".

This can have several reasons, but below you can find the most common ones:

- There are no competitor prices being imported

Have you filled in the Open API key required for bol.com's open API? If you do not have a key / keys, you can request them via this link
Also, please note that you can only request the price information for 2000 products per hour per key. If you have ten of thousands of products in your listing, you will need several keys to keep prices for all your products updated frequently.

A different reason could be that the required task ("Import Competition Prices From Channel") is not enabled for your account. You can always check if it appears in 'Settings' > 'Scheduled tasks' in ChannelEngine or contact our support team to have this checked.

- There will be an update, but it isn't processed yet

Please note that the repricer is not a real time tool and will not update prices on the fly / immediately. Because it can take up til an hour to receive new pricing information and we update offers every 5 - 15 minutes it can always take a while before a price update via the repricer is exported.

- The product is also in a different listing

Please make sure the product or products you are repricing are only in 1 product selection / listing. If this isn't the case (and both listings will have a different price), we will always export the highest calculated price to a marketplace. This usually isn't the price from the repricer but the 'regular' price on which price rules might also be applied.

-  There is a price override on the product

If a price is set on 'override', this price will always be used and price rules and repricing will be ignored for that product. Please check if this is the case via 'Listed products' > 'Show price override settings'. This option will be hidden by default, so you may overlook it at first.