CDiscount: fraise de traitement

One of the most common questions / issues regarding CDiscount is the 'Fraise de traitement' that is sometimes included on orders.

Frais de traitement (roughly translated as processing fee) is a part of the transaction costs / fee that is added to the total of your order. This fee is only applied when a payment method is used on CDiscount with additional transaction costs, usually in case of payments in several installments or when a creditcard is used. Ironically CDiscount itself has hardly any documentation or explanation on this subject, but because these order lines can appear sporadically on orders it's important to prepare your (order) system to process these order lines.

Why doesn't ChannelEngine just simply ignore these order lines?

Very simple: it's extra income you are receiving on the total of the order so if we would exclude the order line, the total of the order could not be explained and your financial administration could also not explain the difference between the order total in your shop and the actual income amount transferred from CDiscount. Hence we have to include the order line and your own order management system (if applicable) has to accept it.

How do I process these order lines?

When using webshop software such as Magento or Prestashop, or when using an ERP or other order processing system, the product on the order line will need to be added. In case of Magento you can just make it 2 hidden 'virtual' product that's not saleable. For Prestashop or other system please check if a similar option is available: as it is not a physical product that can be sold in your shop, you don't want it active as a physical product. Please note that CDiscount submits these orderlines by default with the SKU "INTERETBCA" or "FRAISTRAITEMENT". If you want to use a different SKU / label to collect the 'sales' on these order lines on, there are settings in ChannelEngine automatically converting these SKU's.

You can find these options in ChannelEngine at the channel settings for CDiscount > Setup:

Please make sure that whatever name / label you enter, it does match an active product name in your order management system or you will most likely still run into issues with accepting the order.

Shipping these order lines

The specific order line for this type will be automatically set to shipped (as you can not 'ship' a virtual product in Magento and most warehouse management systems will also have problems 'shipping' something that is not physically available). However, this does not exempt you from the obligation to create a shipment with all the other order lines. Otherwise the order will not be set to 'Shipped' and the shipment submitted to CDiscount.