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About this guide

This is a ChannelEngine guide on the Utrecht-based marketplace fonQ. Here you can find information on how to request a fonQ account, how to configure this channel on ChannelEngine, what the specific requirements are, and more.

This guide also applies to vtwonen, but before you can set up this channel you must set up fonQ Netherlands. The same goes for fonQ Belgium.

Table of contents

Commercial information

How to request an account

Associated costs

Channel features

Settings and configuration

Channel-specific requirements and exceptions


fonQ: front-end

Commercial information

Founded 2018
Founders Patrick Kerssemakers, Joost Wels
Headquarters Utrecht, the Netherlands
Area served (orders) Belgium, the Netherlands
Revenue EUR 100+ million (2021)
Number of monthly visits circa 3 million
Website fonQ
Setup cost none
Commission 6-16% (depends on the category)
Other costs none
Payment twice a month
Product categories living, cooking and dining, garden and balcony, household
Input language Dutch
Input currency EUR
Content creation yes
Minimum number of SKUs no
Advertisement options yes
Profile on ChannelEngine fonQ

How to request an account

To start selling on fonQ, you must create an account directly on their Verkopen via fonQ (Sell via fonQ) page (in Dutch). Once your request is processed, a fonQ account manager contacts you to discuss the details.

Associated costs

fonQ does not charge a registration fee, but it does charge a commission of 6-16% on every sale – depending on the category.

Channel features

Supported Not supported
Product offers (EAN matching) Repricing
Product content (limited HTML support) External fulfillment
Orders Product variations (sizes/colors)
Shipments (including carrier mapping)
Cancelations (merchant)
Returns/Refunds (merchant)

Settings and configuration

Setting up each channel on ChannelEngine follows the same flow, once you add the channel:

  1. Go through the Setup
  2. Create a Product selection
  3. Complete the Categorization
  4. Set up the Mappings: content, offers, and carriers
  5. Configure the Pricing: rules and currency conversion
  6. Finish the Activation
  7. Check the Listed products overview

Channel-specific requirements and exceptions


On fonQ

fonQ back-end: my shop account

Once your seller account is active, your Mirakl shop ID can be found in the fonQ back-end, under My account > Settings.

To find your API key, go to your account name in the top right corner and select API key in the left-hand side menu.

fonQ back-end: my user settings

On ChannelEngine

ChannelEngine back-end: setup

Add your fonQ credentials to ChannelEngine, under the Setup section. You can leave the Mirakl seller name field empty, as fonQ does not support repricing.


ChannelEngine back-end: fonQ categorization

Categorization is mandatory if you want to create or update existing product information on fonQ. Both categorizations and mappings only result in updates if the content connection is enabled, and the relevant credentials have been entered (see the Setup section).

All categorization and mapping attributes are in Dutch.



ChannelEngine back-end: fonQ content mappings

  • Bestelcode (Order code)- your internal variant identifier. Usually your Merchant product number on ChannelEngine. E.g.: ABC123-Yellow-Medium.
  • EAN code - the 13-digit EAN/GTIN of the product. E.g.: 8717807200000.
  • Korte omschrijving (Short description) - a short description of the product. It cannot contain any HTML, and its maximum length is 250 characters.
  • Lange omschrijving (Long description) - the full description of the product. Basic HTML is supported, such as p, li, ul, etc.
  • Merk (Brand) - the product's brand. If your brand is not listed, make sure to contact fonQ so they can add it.
  • Productnaam (Product title) - the name of the product, with a maximum length of 70 characters. Its layout is: [Brand] [Type name] [Product type] [Size/composition/capacity].
  • Vrijstaandbeeld (Freestanding image) - the main image of the product. Note that it must have at least 500x500 px (fonQ recommends at least 1,000x1,000 px, with a plain, white background.

fonQ does not have any required product type-specific attributes, however there are many optional fields related to highlights, additional images, size, and color.

NB: fonQ performs manual content checks, and it is quite strict when it comes to the quality of product information. Make sure your product information is of high quality, and that it meets fonQ's content requirements.


ChannelEngine back-end: fonQ offer mappings

The only mandatory offer mappings are Price, which is your desired sale price, and Delivery promise, which is the delivery time you stand by.

Attributes such as Leadtime to shipment (the number of days before you ship the item), Logistic class (your optional shipping class), Offer state (the condition of your item), and Minimum quantity alert (so you receive a notification if the stock drops below a certain threshold) are common for Mirakl mappings.

Working with discounts
  • Do not leave the Discount end date attribute unmapped. If you want to set a permanent discount, use a date in the far future instead. Otherwise the offer is not exported, and errors are shown under the Validation and feedback tab.
  • If your discounted price is not lower than the base price, it is not exported.
  • If you do not want to set a bulk discount, leave the Discount quantity threshold attribute unmapped – otherwise the export is broken.
  • If you do want to set a bulk discount, the Discount quantity threshold must be set to a value higher than 1. E.g.: a value of 2 indicates that two or more of the product must be purchased at the same time for the buyer to benefit from the discount.


ChannelEngine back-end: fonQ carrier mappings

Carrier mapping is not required on fonQ. However, you can map your carrier to a specific list of carriers maintained by fonQ. This allows for working track-and-trace links in the back-end, as well as for the buyer. If your default carrier is missing, please contact fonQ.

Listed products

ChannelEngine back-end: fonQ listed products

If you have problems with products not appearing on fonQ (especially if you are trying to create products that do not exist yet), check the Listed products section for more information.

You can either filter on Channel status (Invalid for all products that ChannelEngine has not exported, such as products with an empty EAN or products that currently do not exist on fonQ) or use the Validation and feedback tab to see all known validation/feedback errors for specific products. Also, as fonQ uses the Mirakl marketplace framework, you can see detailed status reports in their back-end. These reports contain specific errors if a product or product offer cannot be created.

fonQ back-end: track offer imports

The reports can be found under My inventory > Import from file > Track offer imports/Track product imports. By hovering over the 'i' under the Status section, you can see how many products in the file were processed correctly and how many had errors, etc.

fonQ back-end: process details

If there are errors, the last column shows a downloadable file in which they are listed. The same goes for the product file import, but this can contain multiple files because processing goes through several systems. There is also a manual check of your submitted content, which, once approved, goes to staging as well. Note that you need to map as much as possible to prevent products from not being created.


  • I do not see any offers appear on fonQ?
  • Check if you have assigned a value to the Delivery promise attribute, under the Offer mappings. Without it, fonQ does not accept offers.

    ChannelEngine back-end: fonQ delivery promise

  • I do not have any content mappings for and vtwonen. Is this correct?
  • Yes, that is correct. It is only possible to create and update content via the plugin, so this is the only one which has the necessary content mappings. On other fonQ channels, such as and vtwonen, offers can only be connected with existing content.

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