Miinto marketplace guide

// Contents

Commercial Info
How to request an account + costs
Channel features
Channel setup
    Specific Miinto settings/configuration
    Listed products
Channel-specific F.A.Q / issues

// Commercial Info

Active countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and Finland
Visitors per month: 6.5 million
Commission: € 149,- + 20-24% commission per sale
Payment: Unknown
Product categories: Fashion
Input language (title + description): Depends on the selected countries
Input currency Depends on the selected countries
Content creation: Yes 

// How to request an account + costs

Miinto works with partner " boutiques", where your products can be offered in a sort of mini shop, but also on the main website. To become such a boutique, you need to contact Miinto via contactme@miinto.com. The specific requirements your shop need to comply too, are unfortunately not public. Once you are accepted as a seller, you can start using the Miinto plugin in ChannelEngine.

The costs for using Miinto are pretty high, as they are a fixed € 96,- a month + 20% commission on every sale through Miinto. Next to that, you might be charged a one-time startup fee (officially € 650,-). Depending on the size of your shop however, these fees may be negotiable.

// Channel features

Supported Not supported
Product offers (EAN-matching) External fulfilment
Product content (no HTML / no formatting via /r/n) Repricing
Product variations (sizes / colors) Cancellations 
Orders Returns (merchant)
Shipments (including carrier-mapping)
Returns (channel)  

// Channel setup

Setting up every channel in ChannelEngine follows the same steps/flow:

// Specific Miinto settings/configuration

/ Setup

Miinto requires 2 settings to be entered in order to make a connection:

  • Miinto username
  • Miinto password

These credentials are the same as the credentials for your Miinto-account (so email + password).

There also 3 optional settings (1 is actually required but will be 0 by default and 1 is 'hidden'):

  • 'Percentage threshold for Transfers': this percentage is the maximum percentage of the offered sales price on the Miinto transfer*. If you do not offer any discounts on the Miinto platform itself and do not want to accept transfers from other boutiques below your own selling price, leave this at 0%. If you allowing discounts directly on Miinto or all willing to take a little less margin, you can increase this percentage as desired.
    Warning: If you don't want to set a threshold, please leave the default value of 0. If you clear the field entirely, you will get an error. 
  • Miinto shop id: The shop id of the Miinto shop for this plugin. By default, this will not be necessary to enter, because we fetch the shop ids per every enabled Miinto country. However, if you have more than 1 shop per Miinto country, this will lead to issues when fetching orders (as that is based on the shop id). So if this is the case, please enter the correct shop id in this setting.

    The format is " 1-m!i!s-[PHONE COUNTRY CODE]-[SHOP ID]". So for a Dutch Miinto shop (NL country code = 031) with Id 1234, the correct shop id will be "1-m!i!s-031-1234".
    Warning: If there are issues with importing your Miinto orders and you are receiving a notification that we can't import orders due to multiple shop Id's, please contact integration@miinto.com or let us know. In the case of multiple shop Id's we need to have the correct one, otherwise, we can't fetch and process orders.
  • Allow ParcelShop delivery: this is a hidden setting for Miinto orders that, if set to false, will set the billing address as the shipping address for Miinto orders. This option is created because a large portion of Miinto orders for Scandinavian countries is for DHL and GLS pick up points, and your carrier or logistic partner might experience problems with delivering orders if you use a different carrier for shipping to those pickup points.

* = Miinto uses a system where an order is first a transfer. This is named this way because in the transfer phase it can actually be moved between boutiques (sellers). Only if a transfer is accepted, will it be converted to an order and will ChannelEngine import it.

/ Categorisation

Miinto uses a basic (English) category tree where only leaf nodes can be used as a category. The categorisation is gender-neutral, but you can map if the target audience for a product is for men, women or unisex later in the content mapping.

/ Mapping


For Miinto 8 attributes are required and 4 are optional. There are no category-specific mappings necessary.


  • Brand - the name of the brand of your product.
  • Color - the (main) color of your product.
  • Description - the main description of your product in the language of the Miinto plugin / country. So for Miinto.nl this has to be in Dutch, for Miinto.dk this has to be Danish, etc.
  • Name - the main title / name of your product in the language of the Miinto plugin / country. So for Miinto.nl this has to be in Dutch, for Miinto.dk this has to be Danish, etc. Please note that this must not contain item size, color and brand name.
  • Gender - the sex of the target audience of your product. Possible options are 'Male', 'Female' and 'Unisex'.
  • Item group id - this is the identifier to group products on. Usually, this would be the "Parent sku" in ChannelEngine.
  • Main image - the main image for your product.
  • Size - the size of your product.
Please note: EAN / GTIN can not be mapped and is not mandatory - however, we strongly advise for your products to have these in their product data. If the EAN is invalid, we will export the MerchantProductNo (SKU) as the unique identifier.


  • Additional image - a secondary image for your product. Please note, when you want to add more than 1 additional image to your products you can fill the 'additional image' field with multiple image links divided by ",". This can be done with replacement tags. For example: "{CE:ExtraImageUrl1},{CE:ExtraImageUrl2}, {CE:ExtraImageUrl3}, etc".
  • Material - the material composition of your product. For example: "92% cotton, 8% elastane".
  • Season tag - the (fashion) season of your product. Select 'NOOS' (Never Out of Season) if the product is not limited to a specific season, PRESS = Pre Spring Summer, SS = Spring Summer, PREAW = Pre Autumn-Winter, AW = Autumn-Winter + Last 2 digits of the year. So if an item is from the summer 2019 collection, the correct option would be SS19.
  • Washing - the washing instruction for your product. For example: "Normal; wash at 40 degrees".
  • Description for Miinto [COUNTRY] - the product description for the specific Miinto country in the (main) language that the country uses. So a Danish description for Miinto DK, a Dutch description for Miinto NL and Miinto BE etc.
  • Title for Miinto [COUNTRY] - the product title for the specific Miinto country in the (main) language that the country uses. So a Danish title for Miinto DK, a Dutch title for Miinto NL and Miinto BE etc.

Once all mapping has been done and the product feed has been generated, you will need to share its URL with Miinto. You can find it under the ' Product selection' section. 

Please note: Miinto can only use 1 product feed, even though you might be connected to 5 different Miinto countries. Please make sure that you map everything in the mapping of the plugin you are going to use the feed from. So descriptions and titles in multiple languages and the price in specific currencies.

Also: the product selection has to be identical for each country, otherwise they orders might be rejected (as the active products for a channel are checked when importing Miinto orders)

There are no mandatory offer mappings with the exception of the sale price attribute (where price rules can be applied to). 

However, you can also set country-specific prices for both the discount price as the regular price. These have to be in the currency of the respective country, so either set a currency conversion for a specific attribute to use as price input or use your own converted price attribute. Please note that for Miinto prices are exported in cents, so should you open a product feed the prices are multiplied by a 100 (without decimals).

There is no attribute to set your delivery time on, Miinto has a maximum delivery time of 7 days after the initial order was placed.


Miinto only allows a very limited specific list of carriers if you are not using Miinto's own shipping provider, with specific carrier labels. Therefore carrier mapping is mandatory for your own fulfillment / carrier. If you are missing your main carrier in the list, please contact Miinto to have them add a new 'NO-INTEGRATION'-carrier for you.

/ Pricing

Miinto requires the prices to be submitted in the currency of the country of the Miinto plugin (in cents). The conversion to a cent price is done automatically, however, you will need to set a currency conversion if your currency is different from the Mirakl plugin. So if you are having prices in EUR, no conversion is needed for miinto.be and miinto.nl, but conversion is needed to DKK for miinto.dk.

/ Listed Products

Should you have problems with products not appearing on Miinto, you can always check the ListedProduct section for more information. 

You can either filter on the 'Channel status' ("Invalid" for all products that we haven't exported, for example, products with an empty EAN) or use the 'Validation and feedback' to see all known validation/feedback errors for specific products. There is no advanced feedback from Miinto, so details may be limited.

// Channel-specific F.A.Q / issues

  • Is it possible to create a cancellation for Miinto via ChannelEngine?

    At this time the new V2 API from Miinto does not support cancellations via the API. If you accept the 'transfer' for an order, you are expected to deliver the item. The only way to perform a cancellation via the Miinto customer service (https://www.miinto.[cTLD]/contact, so for NL it's https://www.miinto.nl/contact, for DK it's https://www.miinto.dk/contact).
  • Why doesn't the Miinto order number match the channel order number in ChannelEngine?

    We use Miinto's own " SplitId" instead of the "OrderId" that's visible in the Miinto backend because the SplitId is the unique reference for your part of the order. It's possible when shopping at Miinto to order multiple products offered by multiple 'boutiques' on 1 order number. This is why we can't use that order number for exporting shipments etc as is the case at other marketplaces. Therefore, we need to use the SplitId which is different than the order number visible in Miinto. The regular order number is stored as 'extra information' however, so you could use that to match the order if necessary.
  • Can I add additional mappings for price and language per county for the different Miinto plugins?

    Yes, this is possible. Please make sure you pick one main Miinto channel for your feed and map all relevant attributes there. While the other Miinto channels need to be active for orders (and have the same product selection), mapping is not necessary.
  • Why did I get a notification that my transfer (order) was rejected?

    Ther exact reason for the rejection will always be mentioned in the notification. However, if you want more information on the possible reasons please consult our separate help file on this.