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This is a ChannelEngine guide on the Neckarsulm-based marketplace Kaufland. Here you can find information on how to request a Kaufland account, how to configure this channel on ChannelEngine, what the specific requirements are, and more.

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Commercial information

How to request an account

Associated costs

Channel features

Settings and configuration

Channel-specific requirements and exceptions

Additional information

Kaufland: front-end

Commercial information

Founded 1984
Headquarters Neckarsulm, Germany
Area served (orders) Germany
Revenue EUR 21 billion (2019)
Number of monthly visits circa 19 million
Website Kaufland
Set-up cost none
Commission a percentage of the sale price (6.5-12.5%, depending on the category)
Other costs EUR 39.95/month
Payment circa 21 days after shipment
Product categories computers, electronics, household appliances, auto parts, gardening equipment, perfume, bicycles, fitness equipment, kitchen and household items, and more
Input language German
Input currency EUR
Content creation yes
Profile on ChannelEngine Kaufland

How to request an account

Kaufland (née Real.de) is a partially open marketplace. You can easily create an account, but certain requirements must be met:

  • Merchants are required to have their main office in the European Union (EU) or in Switzerland, small unregistered companies are not accepted.
  • Kaufland maintains strict requirements regarding customer service. Kaufland is a German marketplace, so all communication is in German. This means that all product information and customer support inquiries must be in German. Failing to meet these requirements may result in your removal from the Kaufland marketplace.
  • Kaufland also maintains a very strict policy with regard to cancelations. If the percentage of cancelations is between 1% and 2.99%, you are fined 5% of the total amount of the canceled transactions. If the cancelation rate is 3% or higher, you are fined 10% of the total amount of canceled transactions – and Kaufland might cancel your account if this occurs more than once.

For more information on Kaufland's account creation process, check out Become a seller on Kaufland.de.

Associated costs

Kaufland charges a monthly fee of EUR 39.95, as well as a commission on products sold (depending on their type). Specific commission percentages can be found on their Conditions page. During the account creation process you can set up your store on Kaufland, with your own company logo and the option to set promotions. If you want to include a link to your own website, an additional monthly fee of EUR 9.95 applies.

Channel features

Supported Not supported
Product content (new products) Repricing
Product offers (EAN and GTIN matching) Cancelations (merchant)
Orders External fulfillment
Cancelations (channel) Product variations (sizes/colors)
Returns (merchant* and channel)

* To use merchant returns on Kaufland, you need to enable Kaufland's return service in their back-end. This feature is currently only available for merchants with a warehouse in Germany. The alternative is to have a merchant refund submitted, which still leads to the buyer getting their money back.

Settings and configuration

Setting up each channel on ChannelEngine follows the same flow, once you add the channel:

  1. Go through the Setup
  2. Create a Product selection
  3. Complete the Categorization
  4. Set up the Mappings (content, offers, and carriers)
  5. Configure the Pricing (rules and currency conversion)
  6. Finish the Activation
  7. Check the Listed products overview

Channel-specific requirements and exceptions


On Kaufland

ChannelEngine requires both a public and a private API keys to communicate with Kaufland. You can retrieve these API keys from API settings in the Kaufland back-end.

On ChannelEngine

ChannelEngine back-end: connection setup

There are also some advanced settings that you can control under the Setup section:

  • Use old way of handling orders - by default, Kaufland creates a separate order line for every product. If four items of the same product are ordered, it results in four order lines with one item each. This can cause issues in some systems, so you can enable this feature to group order lines of the same Merchant product number. In this scenario, when four items of the same product are ordered, it results in one order line with four items.
  • Use the Real (Kaufland) return service and merchant returns - enable this if you want to create merchant returns on Kaufland. Note that this can only be used if you have enabled the Kaufland return system in their back-end, have a warehouse in Germany, and are a German domestic merchant. Otherwise, this type of returns is not accepted by Kaufland.
  • NB: To enable the Kaufland return system, go to Shop Einstellungen > Retouren in the Kaufland back-end and select Bei Rückgabewunsch soll das Kaufland.de-Retouresystem genutzt werden.

    Kaufland back-end: return settings

  • Merchant is domestic seller - enable this only if you have a warehouse in Germany, and can be considered a German domestic merchant. If this is enabled along with the Use the Kaufland return service and merchant returns option, the Kaufland return system is used. If the Use merchant returns option is enabled, but Merchant is domestic seller is disabled, a cancelation refund is created instead.


ChannelEngine back-end: categorization

Kaufland's category list is in German, and no English option is available. You may need a tool such as DeepL or Google Translate to find the right category, if you do not speak German.



ChannelEngine back-end: content mappings


  • Beschreibung (Description) - the main product description.
  • Bild (Image) - the uniform resource locator (URL) of the main product image. Like most other marketplaces, this is the main image of the product without any background or 'sphere' scenery.
  • European article number (EAN) - the EAN of the product.
  • Hersteller (Manufacturer) - the brand or manufacturer of the product.
  • Titel (Product name) - the name of the product.


There are also optional attributes you can map. The more content you submit, the higher quality your product information is – which in turn should result in higher conversion. For more information on Kaufland's product guidelines, check out Produktdaten-Guideline.

  • Zusätzliche Kategorien (Additional categories) - you can use this field if the product fits in more than one category.
  • Herstellernummer (Vendor product number) - the unique identifier of the product, as known by the manufacturer.
  • Kurzbeschreibung (Short description) - a short description of the product.
  • Zusätzliches Bild [x] (Extra images) - extra image URLs for the product images.

Product-type specific

  • Länge (Length) - the length of the product.
  • Materialzusammensetzung (Material) - the materials used in the product.


ChannelEngine back-end: offer mappings

  • Maximum delivery time (days) - the maximum number of working days before an order reaches the buyer. Note that only numeric values are supported. E.g.: 3, 5, 7, etc.
  • Minimum delivery time (days) - the maximum number of working days before an order reaches the buyer. Note that only numeric values are supported. E.g.: 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • Price before (re)price rules - sets the sell price for Kaufland.
  • Condition - while optional, you can use this to set the condition of your product. By default, it is set to New.
  • Minimum price - map the minimum price of the product here, making sure that: it is lower than the price mapped to Price before (re)price rules; and that you enabled Tiefstpreis-Automatik (Automatic price adjustment) in the Kaufland back-end. 
  • Shipping group - optional and only necessary if you have set up multiple shipping groups on Kaufland. To set these up, go to Händlereindstellungen > Versandeinstellungen in the Kaufland back-end.

Kaufland back-end: shipping settings

NB: Shipping group names can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, hyphens, underscores, and periods. Umlauts (¨) and Eszett (ß) are not supported.


ChannelEngine back-end: carrier mappings

Carrier mapping is mandatory on Kaufland. Kaufland uses a standard list of accepted carriers, which can be viewed under Carrier mappings or on Kaufland's API documentation. If you use a carrier that is not listed, you can map it to Other or OtherHauler.

If you use an unknown shipping method and fail to map it to an accepted value, your orders are not set to Completed on Kaufland and the shipment is set to Error.


Unless you have an input currency other than EUR, you do not need to set up currency conversion for Kaufland.

ChannelEngine's repricing feature is not supported on Kaufland, but if you use Kaufland's Tiefstpreis-Automatik you can set a minimum price for your products. If the Minimum price attribute is the lowest for a product with multiple sellers, this can be used by Kaufland to automatically reprice your product and get the buy box.

Listed products

ChannelEngine back-end: listed products

If you have problems with products not appearing on Kaufland (especially if you are using the content connection), check the Listed products section on ChannelEngine. Unlike most other marketplaces, the product status on Kaufland is not the status of your offer, but the status of the content exported.

Although a product may be marked as Published, it does not necessarily mean that it is available on Kaufland. However, the product content has been approved and processed. Kaufland currently does not have an offer endpoint to fetch offer statuses, which is also why the Price and Stock columns are always empty.

To check if a product is listed or not – and why –, consult the Kaufland back-end. Go to Meine Angebote (My offers) > Angebote per Datei verwalten (Manage offers manually), where you can see the latest ten uploaded files, how many lines they contain, when they were processed, their statuses, and any processing errors.

Kaufland back-end: my offers

Select Fehlermeldungen anzeigen (Show error messages) to see the products with errors, and the reason behind them.

In the Listed products overview, you can see error messages if ChannelEngine fails to create an offer or product. For more detailed error information, consult the reports on Kaufland's reports section. If you select Ihre angebotenen Artikel and generate a report (note that this process can take a while), you can see possible issues during the import of the product data. With this report, you can correct the errors for the next upload of product data.

The following columns are also worth mentioning:

  • EAN - unique identification number used to place products on Kaufland.
  • name_attribute - possible values are Refused and Changed.
  • status - describes to what degree changes have been processed. Important statuses are:
    • Refused - the change was not accepted, as the current value has a better data quality.
    • Declined - the provided value is not allowed, and is not displayed on the product page.
    • Transformed/modified - certain values are automatically changed by ChannelEngine. E.g.: different spelling of a term or a different HTML tag.
    • type_hook - describes the change. E.g.: at hh:mm, certain HTML tags were automatically changed by ChannelEngine.

Additional information

If you have questions regarding product creation on Kaufland, please contact them via email (in German) or in English. You can also call them at +49 221 5679 7203.

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