CDiscount marketplace guide

// Contents

Commercial Info
How to request an account + costs
Channel features
Channel setup
    Specific CDiscount settings/configuration
    Listed products
Channel-specific F.A.Q / issues

// Commercial Info

Active countries: France (delivery to Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy is also possible)
Visitors per Month 10+ million
Commission Monthly fee €39,99 excl VAT, Commission per sale.
Payment: 21 days after shipment
Product categories:  21+ (like Electronics, domestic appliances, toys, clothing, etc)
Input language (titles + descriptions): French
Input currency: EUR
Content creation: Yes

ChannelEngine Cdiscount Marketplace Information

// How to request an account + costs

It is fairly straightforward when it comes to creating a seller account for Cdiscount. However, there are several requirements that must be met in order to become a Cdiscount seller. To request a registration you can do that by clicking this link and proving Cdiscount with your email. 

Some important things to note:

  • Professional sellers with a valid VAT number can apply to sell on Cdiscount. Prior approval is required and can be requested by email to or by completing the online form (an English-language version is available by clicking on the flag at the top right).
  • Cdiscount reserves the right to accept or reject an application, and the specific acceptance criteria are confidential. Once registered as a professional seller, the account is immediately activated.
  • Cdiscount requires sellers to have French-language customer support by email, but you can use a third-party service for this, like Salesupply for example. French-language phone support is not required.
  • For returns, sellers need a French returns address or can send a prepaid shipping label or pay for the cost of an international return.

The monthly subscription is as follows:

39,99 (excl.VAT) for a store hosted on or on

59,99 (excl.VAT) for a store hosted both on and on

Cdiscount also charges a commission on each sale made to the site, the rate of which depends on the category of the product concerned (see the rates tab). 
Cdiscount also offers several “Premium Packs” allowing access to additional services, for which more information can be found on

// Channel features

Supported Not supported
Product offers (EAN matching)  Product variations (sizes / colors)
Product content (new products) Repricing
Orders Returns
Cancellations Parent / child relations (variants)
External Fulfillment (FBC)

// Channel Setup

Setting up every channel in ChannelEngine follows the same basic steps / flow, which can be found below. Any channel-specific settings or exceptions will be listed in the ' Specific CDiscount settings / configurations

// Specific CDiscount settings / configuration

/ Setup:

CDiscount requires an API username and API password, please note that the username can differ from the username used for the Cdiscount seller account(dashboard). Below the API settings, you will see "FRAISTRAITEMENT" SKU, use this if you have a specific SKU for the Cdiscount fee order lines "FRAISTRAITEMENT" and for "INTERETBCA" SKU use it for a specific SKU CDiscount order line "INTERETBCA". If you want more information on what exactly these 2 possible orderline additions are, please check the following help article.

You can find (or request) the required API credentials in your CDiscount dashboard. They can be found on ' Settings' > 'Your personal settings and bank details'. Select the tab 'Connection information' on that page. Below the login/credentials for the dashboard, there is also a section labeled 'Change your API connection settings'. Either reset/request the API-credentials there, or copy-paste them to the ChannelEngine dashboard.

/ Categorisation:

If you want to create or update content (like for your products that are currently unknown on CDiscount): Please 'map' your own categories to the category list from CDiscount. Please note that their category list is in French and no English (or another language) variant is available at the moment, so you might need a tool like Google Translate / Deepl for finding the right category if you are not a French-speaker. To see all possible CDiscount categories, use the " Browse" button on the lower left-hand corner of the 'Categorisation' page.

/ Mapping:

/ Content:

When creating new content for CDiscount only a few attributes are really needed (next to the automatically included EAN and ImageUrl):

  • Brand (please note: CDiscount has a select brand list, so if your brand is not known it will be listed as AUCUNE - which translates to something like 'none').
  • Description
  • Long title
  • Seller product Id (usually your SKU / Merchant product number)
  • Short title

There are however also a few optional attributes, of which some may have a French name (please note that we import the English category/attribute tree, but not everything is translated) or some of which might not have an obvious meaning/usage.

  • Encoded marketing description (This optional attribute describes the marketing description in the form of simple text or of HTML.)
  • Height (m) / Length (m) / Width (m) and Weight (kg) - the product dimension in meters and item weight in kilograms.
  • ISBN (International Standard Book Number - only fill this if you are selling books).
  • Seller Product family / Seller product color / Size (This attribute is used to define/group 'variants' on CDiscount - this will usually be your Parent SKU / GroupNo attribute).
  • Advertissement(s) (Text field | Meant to depict if a product has any warning like including batteries)
  • Commentaire (Text field | Commentary)
  • Couleur principale (Dropdown | Main color of the product)
  • Couleur(s) (Text field | Additional colors of the item)
  • Genre (Drop down | Gender - Boy / Girl / Man / Woman / Unisex)
  • Licence (Option mapping | Licence - which series / brand / club / artist does the product belong to)
  • Sports (Option mapping | Type of sports for which product is suited) 
  • Type de public (Drop down | Target audience - Adult / Children / Babies)
Please note: While you can create new products via the CDiscount API (and ChannelEngine), you can not modify product information on existing content. Please see the F.A.Q. section for more info.
/ Offer:

Similar to the 'content mapping', 'offer mapping' also has a few required attributes with the exception of that these are really mandatory. While content mapping is only needed to create or update (new) products on CDiscount, some offer mappings are really mandatory in order to get your product online.


  • Condition (this drop-down is used to set the condition of your products - New / As New / Very Good / Refurbished, etc)
  • Dea Tax & Eco Tax (In euro's - in most cases you can just keep this filled at 0. Both are local French (ecological) taxes for which not a lot of information is available.
  • Fulfillment (you need to select your fulfillment for this item - this can be your own fulfillment [Merchant], fulfillment by CDiscount [FBC] or automatic [FBC will be used as long as there is known FBC stock]).
  • Price (before price rules)

Optional attributes:

  • Discount % (from reference price) - the optional discount %
  • Discount % reference price - this is the price field you want to use to calculate a discount on
  • Flash sale start date / Flash sale end date - with these optional fields you can mark a sale period (please note: the correct format is YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss)
  • Sale type - this is where you can set if you want to set a sale and if so, what type: No Sale / Discount % / Flash Sale.
  • List on - here you can set where you would like to list your offers: CDiscount / CDiscount Pro / Both.
  • Shipping preparation time - this is the time (in days) it takes to process an order and ship it.
  • Max warehouse delivery time - this is the time (in days) it takes your carrier to ship the ordered product(s) to the customer.
  • Packaging Unit / Packaging Value - these optional attributes are for configuring the packaging unit and value. So if your packaging is 0.6 kg, those are the values you enter.
  • Express shipping cost / Registered shipping cost / Regular shipping cost / Tracked shipping cost - these are the possible types of shipment (method) costs you can submit. At least 1 is mandatory, but please fill in all the shipping costs you configure at CDiscount as well.
Please note: Every type of shipping cost you configure in CDiscount will have to be set in ChannelEngine and vice versa. If these do not match, no offers will be created on CDiscount. More information on this can be found here.

CDiscount does not have a fixed (allowed) carrier list, so you can submit unregistered carriers. Tracking information is however required in order to successfully export a shipment.


Unless you have an input currency other then EUR, you don't need to set up currency conversion. 

// Channel specific F.A.Q / issues

Why are my products not being listed?
Please make sure all shipping costs that have been configured in CDiscounts backend, are also mapped in ChannelEngine. If this isn't the case, CDiscount will reject all offers. More information can be found here.

Why are my deleted products still visible on Cdiscount?
Unfortunately, there is no option to completely delete a product from the CDiscount backend via their API when it is no longer active or complying with your product selection. 

If we 'delete' the products from ChannelEngine, they will remain visible in the backend of Cdiscount with a stock of 0. If you want the products to be completely removed (for overview purposes), you are advised to delete them manually in the CDiscount backend.


These orderline items are a small percentage of the payment costs added to your order. These will only be included in case the buyer uses specific payment methods (with a surcharge). You can find more information on this here

Why can't I update my existing product information on CDiscount via ChannelEngine?

This is a restriction from CDiscount which we, unfortunately, have no influence on. You can create new products via ChannelEngine, however, altering attributes at a later date will not be possible.

This is what CDiscount states about it:
Reminder: You cannot modify product information with your API/flux. You must follow the following procedures in order to so :

How to modify my products? if  you are the creator of the product sheet
How to report a product sheet error? if you are not the creator.

You cannot change your seller reference too or update the EAN, you must send us the EAN.
To modify the seller reference, send us the file attached.
For the EAN, just send us the new EAN with Cdiscount SKU.